Katie and Joseph are a husband and wife team behind the lens of Poppy and Vine! Their passion for photography stems from their love for people- they are all about really digging in and genuinely getting to know others, their stories, and what makes them unique. Katie and Joseph value bringing these stories, and all the beautiful, candid, messy emotions that come with them, to life through their talents. They both value the real & raw moments over the posed & fake, and invest in delivering photos that allow you to really feel the emotion of your wedding day all over again.

How did you get started doing what you do?
I (Katie) spent my entire childhood with some kind of camera in hand, or somewhat mischievously "borrowing" my dad's hobby cameras and taking them out on "adventures." When I came to San Luis Obispo for college, I was amazed at how beautiful the Central Coast was, so I "permanently borrowed" one of these cameras during my freshman year. I began exploring the Central Coast every night at sunset with my friends, and taking hundreds of photos, teaching myself how to use a camera along the way. This hobby turned into me being asked to take senior portraits for these same people, and before long, I had a full fledged business that I loved! A few years later, one of these same friends asked me to photograph her wedding, and that was when my eyes were opened to my passion for wedding days specifically. I decided to make the transition from portrait photography to weddings, adding my husband, Joseph, to the team after learning that he is an absolute natural with a camera (and people!).

Why do you do what you do?
God gave us artistic talent and hearts to serve people, and photographing weddings is the perfect outlet to use these gifts!

Who or what continues to inspires you?
Our couples' stories and connections with their loved ones provide the biggest inspiration for our work. After growing together and falling in love ourselves, we realized how unique each couple's story and relationship is, and became enthralled with photographing just that. We love getting to know the unique little quirks and inside jokes each of our couples has, and then bringing them to life in our photographs. The same applies to wedding days-we love meeting their families and friends and learning about the connections they have with all their people. We're inspired and fueled by those authentic, emotional moments that happen when we make space for them!

What makes your business unique?
Us. We really put a ton of effort into bringing who we are into every aspect of our business. We treat our couples the same way we treat our friends-we're super servant hearted people with no expectation for clients to be anything but themselves. We have a knack for making people feel really comfortable and do the most to provide a high-quality experience uniquely tailored to each of our couples!

How would you describe your ideal couple?
First and foremost, we believe we work best with people who are more excited about getting married than the wedding itself. Our ideal couple sees their wedding day as the opportunity to gather all their closest friends and family to celebrate together as opposed to putting on a production. Our ideal client definitely also values more candid, authentic photos of them and their people than super posed wedding photography

Favorite part of a wedding?
Rather than a specific part of the day, it's getting to know our couple better through meeting their people and learning about all those connections. We also really love getting down on the dance floor with everyone when all the formal stuff is done!

What question do you always ask the Bride & Groom?
What are you looking for in a photographer? Their gut reaction to this question always helps us determine if our unique approach to weddings is the best fit for them, or if we should refer them out to another one of our vendor friends who we believe would capture their day better!

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?
Leaving the corporate world and building a business from the ground up that really reflects our values and priorities.

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?
Grabbing an iced chai from Ascendo Coffee and road tripping somewhere new with our friends! We love exploring new places!

Tell us about your first job?
Katie's first job was as an engineer in the automotive industry! So very, very different from this job!
Joseph's was in the deli at his hometown market.

Tell us one thing few people know about you?
We actually hated each other the night we met-we literally told our friends at the time we never wanted to see each other again!

Wedding trend that you're loving right now?
We love how covid has forced a lot of couples to take a step back and focus on what's important, creating a day that is truly how they want to be spending it instead of doing things because it's "tradition"

Wedding trend that will hopefully be out next year?
Couples feeling like they have to put on a show or plan a million details just because they're trendy!

Favorite quote?
"Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive your inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ." Colossians 3:23-24
This verse drives our business and decisions!

What's in the top 5 of your bucket list?
Traveling to Patagonia!

Where do you see yourself (or business) in the near future?
Wherever God intends for us and our business to be! But wherever it is, we hope we're surrounded by a close-knit community and fun-loving clients who become our friends!

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Katie and Joseph Luna | Photography