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Judi is the Cen­tral Coast’s Queen of hos­pi­tal­ity. You might know her in rela­tion to her san luis obispo county wed­ding venue and vic­to­rian home, the Dana Pow­ers House (and barn) that she rents out on the week­ends for wed­dings. I have never seen any­one make 200 dif­fer­ent peo­ple (every week­end) feel like her home is theirs. Judi’s house has become a gallery of all things vin­tage and antique. As her col­lec­tion has grown she has been able to sup­ply cou­ples get­ting mar­ried at either the barn or house with lovely decor. It makes sense that she is now open­ing up her col­lec­tion to cou­ples hav­ing wed­dings all over the Cen­tral Coast wed­ding area.