Custom suit maker for Men and Women. Still firm in our roots of suiting the Homeless and Veterans to reintegrate back into the workforce, we’ve bridged a gap from Business Executives to now Weddings. It’s been a great journey, and looking forward to having you join our Endeavored Family.


Make this guy your suit guy!

Nathan and Holly
MARRIED: May 23, 2020
VENUE: Paso Robles
Craigs attention to detail sets him above any other suit tailor I've met. Whether you're looking for a suit off the rack or something completely custom, down to the stitch pattern and buttons this is your one stop for all of your needs. With Cra...

Craig is the man!

Sean Packard
MARRIED: January 30, 2021
VENUE: Ella's Vineyard
In the end, I was completely satisfied with how I looked and felt on my wedding day, and I wound up with a slick high-quality suit that will last me a long time. I had a short engagement of just 15 weeks, and didn't give Craig the most time to w...