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Custom suit maker for Men and Women. Still firm in our roots of suiting the Homeless and Veterans to reintegrate back into the workforce, we’ve bridged a gap from Business Executives to now Weddings. It’s been a great journey, and looking forward to having you join our Endeavored Family.



Ben Roy Clay
MARRIED: September 25, 2021
VENUE: Santa Maria
Craig is my brother from another Mother! He has studied his craft paired with communication that makes the whole process less overwhelming. He built trust along each step of the way and was available to help at any time leading up to my wedding....

Amazing Work!

Coleton Smartt
MARRIED: September 18, 2021
VENUE: CASS Winery - Paso Robles
Craig created a custom suit for my wedding, as well as suits for all of the groomsman and dads. He was awesome to work with throughout the whole process. We were able to sit down and design my suit from the color/fabric to small details, such as...

Definitely Satisfied

Gary + Kaity H
MARRIED: May 2, 2020
VENUE: Newport Beach, CA
Endeavored Threads was a really solid choice for making my suit. Their entrepreneurial spirit means that he works with you, to design and bring to life what you envision for the Big Day, as opposed to cookie-cutter stores that give you limited s...

Professionalism & Badass Suits

James Carson
MARRIED: March 19, 2022
VENUE: The Point Mission Bay
Craig at Endeavored Threads is a true king of his craft. His attention to detail and expertise made it easy to make sure I was put in the perfect suit to not only fit my desires, but also to make my wife very happy. He takes into consideration e...