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Mistura Catering began with one man with a vision. With 22 years of international culinary experience, Chef Nicola Allegretta has established himself on the Central Coast with a reputation for creating the finest menus using only the freshest and most premium ingredients. Under the expertise of Jackeline Allegretta, who passionately coordinates event planning, each event is designed to delight the senses and create delectable, indelible memories.

Mistura Catering is renowned for its exquisite and avant-garde cuisine, stylish designs, exceptional hospitality and unique presentations. Using a farm to table and sustainable approach, Chef de Cuisine Nicola Allegretta creates unparalleled quality and fabulous culinary delights. Mistura Catering is dedicated to executing perfectly appointed events utilizing innovative techniques, with the utmost attention to detail. Under the leadership of Chef Nicola and Event Designer Jackeline Allegretta, not only will your taste buds be stimulated, but your senses will be aroused by creative, trend-setting and artful presentations.

Recognizing that special events often occur once in a lifetime, you can rest assured that Mistura Catering is dedicated to providing you and your guests with an unforgettable, professionally executed and seamless event. Mistura Catering invites you to experience the extraordinary!