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We are Katie and Joseph, the husband and wife team behind Poppy and Vine! Our passion for photography stems from our love for people- we are all about really digging in and genuinely getting to know others, their stories, and what makes them unique. We value bringing these stories, and all the beautiful, candid, messy emotions that come with them, to life through our photographs. We value the real & raw over the posed & fake, and invest in delivering photos that allow you to really feel the emotion of your wedding day all over again.


Magic People, Magic Photos

Laura and Nasim Ali
MARRIED: May 2, 2021
VENUE: The Cass House Cayucos
There is so many decisions to make when planning a wedding and I was totally overwhelmed! When I started to chat with photographers I felt like I was being sold a package. Besides the fact that Poppy's packages were a very responsible investment...