Sarah Ellefson Photography

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

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Love isn’t boring, why should your photos be?

I’m the photographer who’s right there with you on your wedding day, documenting all your loved ones coming together to celebrate that #bestdayever. I pride myself on getting right in there and capturing THOSE moments, like when your dad starts tearing up during his toast and when your guests are having an epic dance off and Uncle Bernie drops to the floor for the worm. I know exactly when to step in and pull your family together for a killer, classic portrait and I'll help you guys feel comfortable and relax in front of the camera natural and genuine photos! Your entire day, I'll be working to get images that showcase your personalities, relationship, and really epic party.

Born and raised in the mountains of Arizona, I came out to California for college and fell in love with the coast, along with a blonde haired, glasses wearing, hippie, ultra marathon runner that I quickly locked down as my husband! After living in New Mexico for four years, I’ve adopted the California coast as my home and am semi obnoxious about pretending I’m a local in my sleepy, sweet beach town of Ventura.

When I’m not running my business, I probably have an entire container of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups in hand while I lay on the beach and tan my buns, speed reading a novel off the the latest NYT Best Seller List. I’m an avid hiker and hot yoga enthusiast, but honestly, that’s primarily to counteract all the peanut butter cups that somehow find their way into my mouth.

I got into the wedding industry straight out of college, seeing photography as a way to merge my creativity, entrepreneurship, passion for people, and love of tequila shots. After 6 years and over 100 weddings, I’ve never looked back! I freaking love what I do and genuinely feel #blessed that I attend parties for a living.