The Groves on 41

Paso Robles Wedding Venue

Plan “Elegance with Ease” for you and your guests as you experience the magic of the Olive Branch. Vivid with the colors year-round and always something in bloom, The Groves on 41 is an elegant garden & farm wedding venue located in Templeton, California featuring three acres of private gardens, pristine lawn areas and ample grounds for a variety of outdoor settings where you may choose the perfect location for your Ceremony. 

The charming 4,000 olive tree orchard surrounds the premise while the delicate green-gray leaves of the olive tree help mitigate street noise, adding elegance and character all year round to the property.  There is so much history surrounding the Olive Tree in love, prosperity & peace.  Incorporate the “Strength of the Olive” into your Ceremony. We will share the story of the Peace, Prosperity, Positivity, Longevity, Healthfulness and Growth of the Olive Tree with you and your officiant