Let’s pop the champagne for this beautiful engagement shoot at San Luis Obispo Montaña de Oro! We just can’t get enough of Megan & Andrew’s love for each other paired with such a romantic sunset. This sweet moment was captured by talented San Luis Obispo photographers Poppy and Vine Visual.  

Tell us how you met! Was it love at first sight?

"Andrew & I met when we were five years old, in kindergarten! We went to a small K-8 elementary school with roughly the same 30 kids together for all nine years, so we really grew up together - safe to say it wasn’t love at first sight. Neither of us saw the other as more than friends until our junior year of high school. I asked him to go with me to a laser tag group date that my friends were organizing, and we’ve been together ever since!"

Tell us about the proposal! What were the behind the scenes moments before the big question?

"Over a year later, this is still my favorite weekend of all time! Andrew thought of every detail, it was absolutely perfect. 

Andrew & I had gone up to my family’s lake house in Auburn, CA to spend the weekend with my roommates. I was wondering/hoping that he was going to propose that weekend, because I knew it was coming soon and the lake is one of my favorite places. 

But by the time Sunday morning rolled around and we were getting ready to go home, I really thought that he had missed the opportunity and it wasn’t going to happen that weekend. Before we left, Andrew wanted to go paddle boarding one more time. Everyone else made an excuse why they didn’t want to go, so it ended up just being the two of us. 

Little did I know that as soon as we left, everyone got to work setting up rose petals & candles on the dock. Our families had driven up and were waiting down the street, so they came over to the house to help too. When Andrew & I got back to the dock, I did a double take and at first tried to talk myself down / not get my hopes up that what I thought was happening was actually happening. 

I finally realized that this was really happening, and was so happy! Andrew asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes." 

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"I’m so glad that Andrew thought to include our families in the proposal, because when we came back up to the house everyone was there to celebrate & be part of the moment with us! COVID delayed our plans to have a larger celebration, but we were able to have an engagement party with friends & family from all different phases of life this past April. It was such a fun way to celebrate & kick off our wedding planning!"

Who is your talented photographer?

"Poppy & Vine - we can’t speak highly enough about Katie and Joseph!" 

Champagne Cheers for Megan & Andrew's Engagement Shoot

Champagne Cheers for Megan & Andrew's Engagement Shoot

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