What are the magical pieces that make up your special day? It all comes down to the signage, the personable touches, and the unique designs that ties the entire ambiance of your wedding together. When it comes to rental trends, DeWhite Duo Rentals are experts that know how to provide for Central Coast couples! Keep scrolling to see what they had to say about renting important pieces for your wedding day.

What are the current rentals you offer to couples for their big day?

"The current rentals that we offer to couples on their big day are ceremony arches, photo backdrops, and accessories ranging from sign holders to floor vases. We are full service and include the setup and breakdown of all of our pieces and ensure that everything is perfectly placed so that our clients can be stress-free and enjoy their big day. If our clients have a seating chart, welcome sign, or neon sign that needs to be secured and placed, we make sure everything is securely fastened and ready for any weather! We also have a keen eye for details and make sure that all of our arches and backdrops are centered, placed in the best location, and looking beautiful for our clients. We are so excited for this upcoming season because we have a lot more new and exciting pieces in the works and will be releasing them throughout the year!"

What are the most prominent wedding rental trends you've noticed in the past year?

"Being so new in the industry, we've seen a lot this past year! A prominent wedding rental trend that we've enjoyed seeing has been an emphasis on intentional pieces that not only speak to the style of the couple but also fulfill a purpose. There has been no shortage of creative expression and we've loved seeing how couples express their personality."

How do you stay updated with the latest wedding rental trends and industry changes?

"We primarily stay up to date with wedding rental trends through social media, publications, blogs, planners, florists, and other vendors. We are noticing that although there are ever-changing trends and industry changes, creating a focal point for the couple to stand in front of during their ceremony remains very important. Whether it's a beautiful tree or a picturesque arch, couples want to have some sort of anchor in their ceremony that draws their loved ones eyes to them while they embark on this new exciting chapter."

What are some of your favorite pieces in your collection?

"One of our favorite pieces in our collection is the Hexagon Arch. We spent a lot of time designing this piece and were very intentional with hiding hardware so that it would not be visible, however, still structurally sound. This piece is a true work of art and comes together so seamlessly and is ready to hold as many florals as you would like. Another favorite piece is of course the DeWhite Arch. Braden built this arch for our own wedding back in 2021 and we got married under it so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. This arch is so timeless and beautiful and is the main inspiration for starting our small business which will always be special to us."

Have you introduced any new rental items or services recently to align with current trends?

"Our Modern Edge Photo Backdrop is the newest rental piece that we offer. It's 12' wide and 8' tall and perfect for large groups! We curated 3 different textures that come together and create a classy, seamless, and aesthetic vibe by incorporating soothing neutral colors. We are noticing that more couples want to have intentional areas for photos to be captured and want some sort of backdrop or structure to hang a custom sign. Our photo backdrop pairs perfectly with a custom sign and florals of any aesthetic and creates a space for loved ones to come together and capture memories in a fun beautiful way."

What trends do you expect to see growing in the wedding rental industry in the next year?

"Trend wise, we expect to see couples focussing more on the fun and less on the tradition this year. Weddings are such a great opportunity for couples to show their family and friends who they are as a couple and what their vibe is. We expect to see fun rental items that help couples show their personality becoming more and more popular over the years. We also see rental items becoming a way for couples to incorporate more interactive elements to their big day that allow for loved ones to naturally come together and bond. That could be taking a group photo in front of a photo backdrop, playing games, or chatting over awesome interactive pieces."

Have you had any challenges starting your business? If so, what were they? And what is your favorite part of this business?

"Yes, definitely! A challenge we faced with starting our business was learning how much goes into starting something from scratch and putting our business out there. We both have full-time jobs as a Marketing and Brand Director and Civil Engineer and juggling our jobs while building our small business was a lot of long days and busy weekends making it all come to fruition. We've gotten intentional with how to balance our time because we are very passionate about growing our small business and providing beautiful pieces and great service to our clients. One of our favorite parts is that we've really enjoyed growing closer as a couple and getting to work together. We've been together for close to 10 years now and are still learning more and more about each other. We had no idea that starting our small business would bring so much joy to our relationship and bring us even closer together. We each bring our own set of strengths to the business which complement each other really well and we continue to have fun along the way!"

Current Rental Trends Featuring DeWhite Duo Rentals

Current Rental Trends Featuring DeWhite Duo Rentals

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