Tell us how you met!

"We were introduced through mutual friends, Jack and Bailie. Steven and Jack were roommates and Jack was dating Bailie who was a teammate of mine. Because of the mutual connection, Steven was always at our dance events and we would always say hi and chat when we saw each other. He quickly became the one I looked for in the crowd, the person I was most excited to see after we performed. I finally decided to invite him to an event myself, and from there the conversations just started to flow. Fast forward 4 years and here we are...engaged, dog parents, and planning the rest of our lives together!"

The Proposal

"We were wine tasting in Paso Robles and had a second reservation set up at Allegretto. When Steven and I got there, he insisted we enter through the back side of the building. There was a wedding going on and I refused to walk through it. I was extremely annoyed because he continued to insist we go the other way and by this point we were late for our reservation. Somehow, he got me to stop tantrum walking for a second where he popped the question. I was so beyond surprised and extremely excited."

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"We went back to the Air bnb we were staying in with my family and to my surprise, his parents, my aunt & uncle, and my best friend were there to celebrate with us."

Do you have plans for your wedding yet? Tell us all about it.

"We will be getting married at my uncle's cherry farm in Elk Grove, CA in September 2024. We don't have many concrete plans beyond that at this time but believe me, my Pinterest boards are busier than ever."

Who is your talented photographer?

"Alyssa Flores!! She is amazing and a complete breath of fresh air. I'm so grateful she was there with us to celebrate the moment."

Fairytale Proposal at Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Fairytale Proposal at Allegretto Vineyard Resort

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