Jenna and Jesse's coastal wedding day was the ultimate fairy tale full of authentic love, laughter and core memories. What started out as a romantic ceremony on the coast of San Simeon, turned into an intimate garden dance party reception at the stunning Arroyo Grande wedding venue, Villa Loriana. The creative cakes by the Central Coast Bakery Cathedral Cakes, colorful flowers by San Luis Obispo florist Glenna Joy Flowers, and every other elaborate detail had Jesse and Jenna's personalities shining through. Each moment was captured beautifully by the California wedding photographer Samantha Josette. As soon as I saw my friend Jesse's wedding photos of him and his gorgeous wife Jenna, I had to jump on the opportunity to share this authentic love story. I had the pleasure to hear from the groom Jesse about this special day.

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Their Love Story

"Jenna worked at a cafe in the village of Arroyo Grande three and a half years ago. My brother and I used to frequently visit the cafe on our lunch breaks. Jenna caught my eye one day and I started coming into the cafe A LOT more. We have been best friends ever since. We do almost everything together and we're very passionate about the outdoors (Big Sur, in particular) and travel. We got engaged in Kauai."

Color Palette

"There where a lot of colors but I don't think we ever decided on a particular palette. I heard 'mauve' thrown a lot"


"It was important to us to create a wedding experience that suited us and our personalities, rather than tradition. Our ceremony had a rich Central Coast theme, being based on the coast in San Simeon. Our reception had a "whimsical garden party" theme that Jenna came up with and it turned out beautifully"

Memorable Moments

"The most memorable moments for me was watching Jenna walk down the "aisle" (trail) with a lighthouse in the background, natural coastal flora in the foreground, fog rolling over the waves crashing to my left, and the sea breeze lifting her vail as she walked, in what seems like slow motion, toward me - that image will be forever engrained in my brain. Also, kicking our shoes off and dancing around under the bistro lights at Villa Loriana with our family and friends to the Moonshiner Collective"

The Reception

The Details

"Our wedding was nontraditional - we made it about what was most important to us, which is our immediate family and the coast so we had an intimate ceremony on the coast with just us and our immediate families. It turned out to be a perfectly beautiful and powerful moment. We also made it picnic style - we had an elegant outdoor only, picnic/garden party style reception complete with wood-fired pizza and a live band (Moonshiner Collective!! ..the best)"

"Knowing what you know now.. what advice would you have for other people planning their wedding?"

"Build a wedding experience based around who you are as individuals and as a couple, don't build it around what you think you are supposed to do or what those around you say you need to do. You might piss some people off, but this is one of those very few days in your life you get to (and should) be selfish and make it all about you."

"What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?"

"The most challenging part to us was making that initial decision to tune out everyone else's opinions and just do what suited us best - we are both very selfless and people-pleasers so that was no easy task."

Jenna and Jesse's Romantic Coastal Wedding Turned Into a Whimsical Garden Dance Party

Jenna and Jesse's Romantic Coastal Wedding Turned Into a Whimsical Garden Dance Party

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