I'll admit it's true: the most beautiful sunsets are the ones you share with your loved ones.

In Lily and Trent's Montana De Oro engagement session, you can feel love shine through their images as the sun slowly begins to set along California's Central Coastline. California wedding photographer, Toni G, captured so many genuine smiles and laughs shared between the couple, and the truly breathtaking landscape ties the entire shoot together. 

If you wish to someday take golden hour engagement photos with "someone you love to the sun and back," keep scrolling to view some charming inspiration! 

Tell us how you met! Was it love at first sight?

"We matched on Tinder... then fell in love the first time we actually saw each other."

Who said I love you first? 

"Trent did. He was a little drunk and he said "I think I love you..." and I just laughed at him and said "I love you!!"

Tell us about the proposal! What were the behind the scenes moments before the big question? 

"He proposed at a winery in Paso Robles. It was a weekend wine tasting trip with his brother and some friends. I had no idea that the trip was his plan all along, I was just kind of hoping he was going to take advantage of this trip. We had a beach house and a limo and a whole day of wine tasting planned! I couldn't stop smiling the whole day."

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"We had a lot of wine and each winery gave us some champagne to celebrate!"

Do you have plans for your wedding yet?

"We are getting married next May in Kingsburg, CA. It is an outdoor venue by the river and it has huge eucalyptus trees and an open air chapel!"

Embrace Golden Hour at Lily & Trent's Engagement Shoot

Embrace Golden Hour at Lily & Trent's Engagement Shoot

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