Hello! You've made it to the registry portion of your wedding checklist! Here you can find the best items to add to your registry if you're a party planner at heart like us. Indulge in the swankiest serving items that will make your guests go ooh and ahh when they attend your parties!

1. KitchenAid Matte Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel

Perfect for baking when you're planning a large holiday gathering.

2. Instant Pot Electric Cooker from Crate and Barrel

Ideal when you're on a time crunch.

3. All-Clad Gourmet Slow Cooker from Williams Sonoma

For when you have plenty of time.

4. Olivewood Round Cheese Board from Williams and Sonoma

To enjoy before dinner with fun conversations.

5. Olivewood Cheese Knife Set from Williams Sonoma

Because you can't have a cheese board without cheese knives.

6. Deviled Egg Platter from Williams Sonoma

Cozy little compartments to keep your deviled eggs looking sharp!

7. Antique Brass Ice Bucket from Williams Sonoma

Getting ice from the fridge is so over-rated.

8. Marble Honeycomb Wine Chiller from Williams Sonoma

Because if there is going to be a celebration, there better be wine!

9. Hearth and Hand Wood Cake Stand from Target

Perfect for that birthday cake you spent all day baking or maybe the one from the store...

10. Hearth and Hand Serving Platter from Target

Versatile for every meal being served. 

11. Alta Drink Pitcher by Crate and Barrel

Perfect for a backyard bbq with family and friends!

12. Modular Serving Set from Crate and Barrel

When you want to step up the game day appetizers!

Don't forget to invite us to your next gathering! Cheers!

12 Must Have Items on your Registry if you Enjoy Hosting Gatherings Like Us

12 Must Have Items on your Registry if you Enjoy Hosting Gatherings Like Us

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