"Step into this gorgeous retro wedding at Palm Springs with Chelsey and Shane, who succussefully embellished the dramatic landscape of Palm Springs with disco balls and jaw-dropping bridal designs. As extravagant as the day was, it was an intimate, 25-person event that showcased the couples love and personality to a T. Every detail was captured by the talented San Luis Obispo photographer Samantha Josette Photography.

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Their Love Story

"I was walking my dogs in the Domain, which is a multi-use shopping center with shops and restaurants. He came up to me and asked to pet my dogs. He then asked if he could finish our walk with us and we've been walking together ever since!"

The Inspiration

"I'm obsessed with retro vibes and disco balls have my heart! Palm Springs was the perfect spot for us!"

Color Palette

"Pink, orange, and turquoise were our main colors with lots of disco sparkle!"

The Details

"I was so obsessed that the airbnb we rented out had the perfect backdrop of the Palm Springs palm trees and it was pink so it matched our theme perfectly!"

Memorable Moments

"We only had 25 people at the wedding which made it so nice to be able to have an intimate day & night with everyone! We ended the night with a bunch of us in the hot tub. It was my perfect day."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planning their wedding?

"Make sure it's what YOU want. If you want something small- do that! If you want something far away-go there! And make sure you have a great photographer to capture it all."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Finding vendors in CA all the way in TX. Finding Samantha was a gift from God! She helped with so much!"

Palm Springs Destination Intimate Wedding

Palm Springs Destination Intimate Wedding

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