Make a toast in style!

Champagne towers are making a comeback and are a current rising trend for cocktail receptions. Not only do they stand elegantly on their own, but they are the perfect way to add a little bubbly fun to a toast to make it more engaging! 

The key to creating a stunning wedding statement is stacking your bubbles! If you are daring enough to have a champagne tower at your wedding, it is never too early to start perfecting your pour now! Take a peak at some of our best tips for executing a champagne tower.

Tips for Perfecting Your Pour:

1. Enjoy the Moment

A champagne tower will be a very photographable moment during your cocktail reception, and you should make the most of it. Make sure to smile, laugh, and have fun! 

2. Make it Large 

For those wanting to make a bold statement, make your champagne tower larger than life. With more glasses, you can have more of your guest join in on the champagne toast! The more, the merrier. 

3. More Champagne, the Better

When in doubt, make sure you have multiple bottles of champagne available, especially if you plan for your tower to have more than ten glasses. With more champagne, you don't have to worry about possibly running short of drinks. 

4. A Coupe Glass is your Best Friend 

You want a stable tower to avoid unnecessary mess or spillage, so opt for coupe glasses for the most stability. Coupe glasses are the perfect shape and ideal when all the same height.



Perfect your Pour for a Champagne Tower

Perfect your Pour for a Champagne Tower

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