Summer is here and along with it comes sunshine, lush greenery, and warm-weather. When it comes to a traditional summer wedding color palette, we normally lean towards bright oranges, yellows, pinks, and blues -- imagine watching the sunset on a tropical vacation -- however there are many other colors that can be used and still create that summer feeling. 

Whether or not you include the classic summer colors into your wedding decor, there are ways to include them or pair other unexpected colors together to create a warm, summery atmosphere. Below are some of our favorite, but not all, of the color combinations. 

Pink & White

Olive green & orange 

Copper, pink & white

Bright summer colors

Late summer colors

Cherry & blue

Pink & lime

Warm neutrals

Peach, aqua & yellow

Deep oranges

Yellow & pink

Burgundy & slate blue

Yellow, purple, cream & mauve

Orange, lime & rust

Summer Wedding Color Palette

Summer Wedding Color Palette

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