Central Coast Wedding Officiant, Bobby deLancellotti, shares with us about the importance of communication. Chances are if you have found yourself reading this you are likely engaged, considering the idea or at least hopeful to someday get married. Whatever phase you are in we challenge you to invest not only in your big day but the rest of your life. Developing healthy, functioning communication skills is truly the best wedding gift you could ever give your future spouse. Join us on this journey with Bobby D as he gives us invaluable, relationship saving tools over the next few weeks. 

So, You're Thinking About Getting Married?

By: Bobby delancellotti

"Marriage is hard work! Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, I love my kids and I love my grandkids. But...after thirty six years of marriage the hard work never stops. So now is the time to begin to develop those tools and skills you will need for your future relationship to flourish. What kind of skills am I talking about? I'll mention a few, and we'll unpack them together over the next couple of weeks. The first and most important (in my humble opinion) skill for enriching and enhancing your relationship is COMMUNICATION."

"There's a saying, communication is to marriage, what oxygen is to the body--without it you die!"

Here are a few questions you want to ask yourself when you think about communication: First and maybe the most important, AM I A GOOD LISTENER? That's right, LISTENING is a vital part of a healthy relationship!

"Am I a good listener?" 

When I was first married I wasn't a great listener. What I learned, and continue to learn... is to "HEAR" my wife! That means not having already formulated an answer or a response in my mind while she's communicating her needs or feelings. If I want to truly hear my wife, that means, I give her my full attention so that I might hear what she is saying. For my wife to feel valued and loved, it's on me to "listen."

HOW IS YOUR COMMUNICATION? Whether its totally thriving or totally nonexistent now is the time to hone in the skills that will help us be better communicators. This week our challenge from Bobby D. is to practice the skill of listening. To listen to our loved ones needs and feelings without beginning to formulate an answer or response while they are sharing with us. Check back next week for tip #2 from Bobby D!

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Tips On How to Build Healthy Communication Habits Before Tying The Knot!

Tips On How to Build Healthy Communication Habits Before Tying The Knot!

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