Indulge your senses and sweeten your special day with one-of-a-kind desserts that will leave your guests swooning. Imagine biting into a delicate macaron bursting with flavors like lavender or pistachio, or savoring a silky-smooth chocolate truffle that melts in your mouth. Treat your guests to a decadent dessert bar featuring a tantalizing array of handmade treats, from rich chocolate-dipped strawberries to delicate meringue kisses, while also representing your dream garden party spread. For a touch of whimsy, consider serving artisanal popsicles or ice cream cones in flavors like raspberry-lime or coconut-mango, perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Elevate your dessert game with unique confections like decorative cotton candy, mini churros served with dipping sauces or bite-sized cake pops in flavors like lemon-rosemary or chai-spiced. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and these unique desserts will help make it a day you and your guests will never forget.

Keep scrolling to decadent dessert options created by some of our lovely Central Coast vendors.

Beautiful, Dramatic Cakes

Cakes by Just Baked SLO, Enjoy Cupcakes, Pastry Chef Whitnie, Cake Cathedral

Sweets On Wheels

Desserts and Ice Cream Truck by Haute Sugar Co

Every Treat In Between

Sweets by Cake Cathedral and Pastry Chef Whitnie
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Unique Sweets To Include On Your Wedding Day

Unique Sweets To Include On Your Wedding Day

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