If you're looking for wedding details that portray an abundance of rustic romance with a dash of bohemian taste, Victoria and Phillip's day is the perfect inspiration. Intricate arches made by San Luis Obispo Florist Flowers By Denise and a large beautiful barn that holds all of the important amenities at the San Luis Obispo wedding venue Higuera Ranch was all captured by the talented San Luis Obispo photographer Alexandra Wallace Photography. I interviewed the bride to hear more about their story.

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Their Love Story

"Philly and I have known eachother since we were 13 years old. We ran track together in Middle School. He was always so much smaller than me as he is a grade below but when we were in High School he managed to have a growth spurt. We started dating when I was 17 and he was 16. I went off to college at Chico State and he finished up High School and went to San Jose State. Those college years were tough on our relationship given the distance. We mutually decided to take a break as we were mature enough to know how young we were and really wanted to experience college to the fullest. If it was meant to be then we would end up together. We never stopped seeing each other throughout college and Philly ended up coming up for my graduation and we made it official AGAIN! We ended up moving to Santa Cruz for 4 years and on a trip to Pismo he proposed on the beach as we were walking to dinner on our 9 year (give or take) anniversary. That same year we decided to move to SLO because we love the central coast and ended up getting married 10 minutes away from our new home at Higuera Ranch!"

The Inspiration

"I think I've always wanted a fall wedding. I love fall with all the changing colors and weather and holidays. It's funny because the color scheme really represents what we want our interior design of our home to be. We love neutrals, with pops of green from plants and pops of rust and terracotta."

Color Palette

"Neutrals, greens and pops of rust."

The Details

"Oh my there are so many! Well besides marrying my husband, one thing that was really important to us was the food. We're foodies ourselves and that's one of the reasons why we moved to this area. We've know Chef Jeff from Kitchen 46 at Lone Madrone winery for a few years now and had no doubts that he and his team would do an amazing job based on the suggestions we gave him. The other thing that was really important was celebrating with my family from England and the rest of our family and friends. I've been to a few English weddings and they are THE BEST! They're practically all night long as the English love to party! That's a big reason why I chose Higuera Ranch because they didn't restrict you to a cut off time."

Memorable Moments

"The first look with my husband. I was SO anxious until I saw him. I'm so glad we chose to do that and capture that special moment. It didn't take away from me walking down the aisle and seeing him at the end. Another would be the toasts. The toasts at weddings are always my favorite part. My mom unexpectedly decided to say something and she got the waterworks flowing for me!"

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Get a good planner, I relied on Amanda so much. Try to enjoy the process, it's a lot of work and your wedding day will be here so quickly! Remember that your wedding day is a day for you and your partner and that's it. It should be so special for you two and don't let anything get in the way of that."

Can you tell us what you loved about The Wedding Standard?

"I loved your instagram posts that lead me to the blogs. I got excited when I would see a vendor that I had already hired featured that lead me to finding others. The aesthetic of all of your posts is beautiful."

Vicki and Phil's Rustic and Romantic Higuera Ranch Wedding

Vicki and Phil's Rustic and Romantic Higuera Ranch Wedding

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