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by The Wedding Standard

Taryn Dudley is a local Central Coast Photographer who is beyond creative and incredibly talented. Take a look at her White Storm Bridal shoot below and the inspiration behind it. Needless to say you won't be disappointed. These gorgeous Claire Pettibone dresses are similar to ones you can find at local boho bridal shop Moondance Bridal. 

"To me, fashion is making a statement, and who wouldn't want to make a statement on their wedding day. I wanted to create a styled shoot that showcased a crop of my ideal, bad-ass brides. These are the brides that are in control of their lives, they aren't afraid to take risks and they forever pave their own road. These girls find a man that loves them eternally for everything that they are, not everything they could be. These babes are rebels with a veil. So I guess you could just call this shoot my bridal oath to girl power." -Taryn Dudley

If you're looking for a San Luis Obispo Bridal Shop that features Claire Pettibone check out Moondance Bridal

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