During your wedding you may want to recognize or honor those who mean the most to you, there are plenty of ways to weave in family heirlooms or traditions into your special day! Family heirlooms can be just about anything that holds great sentimental value. 

  1. Wear something sentimental 

A very popular idea is by wearing an item of sentimental value, whether that be your mother's wedding dress or father's cufflinks when he got married. 

  1. A family recipe

 Using a family recipe for your dessert table or meal is a great idea because it can include multiple generations if it's something that has been passed down for a while. This is a perfect way to pass on your family's legacy in a yummy way! 

  1. Create a photo collage

There are several ways to go about this idea, you can create a photo display at your wedding. By putting up images of important people in your lives, or you can create a video with all the pictures as well. There is no wrong way to do this and I'm sure everyone will love it!  

  1. In your Bouquet

Adding a piece of jewelry or small picture in a locket to decorate your bouquet to remember loved ones as you walk down the aisle is one of our favorite ways to have everyone you love in your wedding. After your wedding you can even preserve your bouquet to have that special memory saved. 

  1. Family knick knacks

    Many families inherit special items from loved ones, for example a special piece of furniture that you can design your lounge area with would be a great idea. You can also use a nice set of china, antique champagne coupes, or cake knives that only get used to special events that have been passed down in the family. 

These are 5 of our favorite ways to intentionally tie in your family heirlooms to make your wedding just a bit more special for you, but your guests as well! 

5 Ways to Incorporate Family Heirlooms

5 Ways to Incorporate Family Heirlooms

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