A little party never killed nobody! At least that's what Charlotte and Brian were thinking when they planned their dream speakeasy themed wedding! This vintage and glamorous day was a sight that even Gatsby himself wouldn't want to miss. San Luis Obispo florist Brooke Edelman Floral Design accentuated the already stunning Cayucos wedding venue Cass House and San Luis Obispo photographer Alexandra Wallace was there to bring her moody and intimate style of photography to the event and capture every moment their day. Despite the incredulous details, the couple's love story is just as awe-inspiring as they had both met while deployed in Iraq. I was lucky enough to hear from the bride about the magical day.

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"Our wedding style was "California vintage glam" and our theme was a classic speakeasy vibe inspired by the many great hotels and restaurants we love with bold, moody colors, intimate old buildings, velvet, and an emphasis on throwing a good party. We had a live jazz band, champagne upon entrance, and walked down the aisle to Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Our dessert was a cupcake tower in champagne coups and we had a choreographed dance to Dancing in the Moonlight."

Color Palette

"A mix of jewel tones and muted fall tones"

Their Love Story

"We met while both deployed to Iraq in early 2021. I'm an Air Force officer and he's an Army officer. We bonded over our shared home state of California, our love for golf and surfing, and a shared outlook on life. Since meeting, our adventure has never stopped. We have been to thirteen countries, have two dogs, and surf and golf wherever we can. We had already built a full and exciting life well before our engagement, so the choice to spend forever together couldn't have been easier!"

The Details

"One of my favorite details was our venue! The one-stoplight sleepy beach town of Cayucos and the Victorian 1875 Cass House we decided to host it at allowed everyone to be in walking distance to the venue and steps from the beach while fitting our theme perfectly. The other detail would be the custom crest we had designed and printed onto our napkins, pint glasses, and signs."

Memorable Moments

"A very special moment to me was the dance! We chose a complex, high-tempo swing dance and spent every morning practicing. I was more nervous for the dance than the wedding itself. When we got out to the floor and the music played, we crushed all of the moves perfectly and all of our guests were jumping and screaming in excitement. It was a massive success and unforgettable."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Whatever you budget for...plan for more!"

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Living very far from our venue"

Charlotte and Brian's Glamorous Speakeasy Wedding

Charlotte and Brian's Glamorous Speakeasy Wedding

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