Veronica and Brandon had an incredibly unique and enchanting wedding at the historic Union Hotel in Los Alamos. With purposeful vintage and moody color tones and gorgeous floral and lacey details, the day was put together in a way that created a fairy-tale like day. Captured by San Luis Obispo photographer Alexandra Wallace Photography and coordinated by San Luis Obispo wedding planners Wunderland and Co, the day and the details fell into place perfectly.

I was excited to interview the bride and hear about their love story and their vision. Keep scrolling to see more!

Their Love Story

"Brandon and I actually met and dated in high school! We were together for almost two years and then separated and forged our own paths through college. We managed to reconnect at the end of our college careers… him at Cal State Monterey Bay and me being at UC Santa Cruz. That was around 2014 and we have been inseparable ever since. The last five years we were living in Chicago while I pursued my PhD. Brandon proposed at Lighthouse Beach in Chicago a few days before our 9-year anniversary. The last year has been wild for us… with moving to Bozeman, Montana, starting new jobs, and now getting married on October 15th."

The Inspiration

"I love anything vintage and antique. I knew I wanted to have lots of dark, rich colors but with pops of fun modern elements to add some uniqueness to the space. The venue had so much character and personality on its own so truly it didn’t take much to make it really shine."

Color Palette

"I wanted lots of deep greens, deep reds, and some pops of brighter fall colors. Oh! And pops of gold throughout as well."

The Details

"Sort of random… but I was particularly excited about the way we did our seating chart. Each table was labeled with a specific tarot card so it was fun deciding which table would be The Tower, The Empress, etc. and I think the guests enjoyed that too. Plus, all guests had an individual tarot card at their seat which was a fun touch and a way for each table to break the ice and chat. Oh! And the food! Bran and I were obsessed with the food provided by the venue."

Memorable Moments

"Bran and I were able to spend time together up until I started getting ready, so it made the entire morning memorable… running around with him and our family and friends. It was all so special. The venue allowed for our entire bridal party to stay with us at the venue in their functional bedrooms so it was a party from Friday at noon when guests arrived until we had to check out on Sunday. Bran and I also both had the same stress dream about not remembering anything from our wedding so throughout the night we kept checking in with each other… asking “do you remember?” which slowed the night down and forced us to pause and take it in. Also the ceremony was so intimate and special… we were told we made everyone cry and one of my closest friends, Brice Ezell, officiated for us (and was a bridesman) and made the ceremony so special and personal. Truly… everything was perfect."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Get a gmail account just for wedding stuff! We didn’t do this and we totally should have. Also, don’t be afraid to be different and add in details that don’t make sense to everyone else. It’s your day… do what makes you happy and you won’t regret a thing."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"I was planning while I was also on the academic job market, finishing my dissertation, moving to a new state, and then starting a new job… I just didn’t have much time to devote to planning. So I’m thankful for the help I received from family and our amazing wedding coordinator Maria."

An Enchanting Wedding at The Historic Union Hotel

An Enchanting Wedding at The Historic Union Hotel

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