Nick and Lindsay faced many trials in 2020 and like many other couples, their wedding was put on hold due to the pandemic. Their spring wedding plans were moved to the fall in 2020, however, they still went forward with a minimony in Nick's parents living room on their original date. They exchanged vows and invited friends and family to zoom in and watch their special moment. Lindsay decided to save her dress for her future reception and when that didn't work out either, the two of them sailed away to Catalina Island for an intimate bridal shoot where she finally got to wear her dream dress. The beautiful pictures were captured by talented photographer, Jackie from Wild Honey Photo. Keep scrolling to read about Lindsay's memories from these special moments and see more from their sweet day. You'll even see a few shots from their living room nuptials!

"In January of 2019 we got engaged, and we were so excited! I knew I wanted either a Fall or Spring wedding, but March 28, 2020 worked the best for a certain timeline. We had everything planned for what seemed like months before our wedding date. About 2 weeks before this planned wedding, on March 15, 2020, we had all our payments completed, our head count finalized, and almost every detail figured out. Then, boom. Covid. Our venue was mandated to close, and we were told we were not permitted to have an event until further notice. We were absolutely devastated. Even though we weren't able to have our wedding, we knew that March 28th was our wedding date."

"So Nicks parents so generously offered to have our ceremony in their home. It was just us, his parents, and his sisters family. We exchanged vows, and became husband and wife. It was so intimate, and so very special. After about 2 months of quarantine, we thought that maybe October of 2020 would be different. So we contacted our venue to set up a date for that. And, as we all know, Covid had other plans. Our venue then notified us, that because of loss of revenue, they were going out of business. So we were literally back to square one, while being completely out of money due to the fact that we already finalized EVERYTHING. Our food payments, our rentals, our venue, everything you need for a wedding. But those businesses were also hit by covid, so we didn't get one penny back. We were really struggling with how in the world we would make a whole wedding happen, without our saved wedding budget. We went and looked at every affordable venue option, but since we had already lost so much, we couldn't justify spending the amount being asked. After a lot of thinking and praying, we realized we should get our wedding photos done, just the two of us, somewhere beautiful."

"Our first "wedding" was intimate, so why not make our photos intimate too. I had to hide my wedding dress from Nick for almost a year, and let me tell you, that was not an easy task. We decided to head down to Catalina Island on our 1 year anniversary, and our photographer followed us around and captured our most special moments. We will hold those photos so close to our heart. We then took our honeymoon that we never got, because again; thank you Covid. Even though 2020 completely ruined our dream wedding plans, we are so thankful to just have each other, and memories that will last a lifetime. We are hoping to maybe have a 5 year celebration of some sort, so we can share our marriage with those we intended to, but who knows what will happen. As of now, we have our Catalina Island elopement photos, and we wouldn't have it any other way"

A Catalina Island Bridal Elopement Shoot

A Catalina Island Bridal Elopement Shoot

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