Heather's background as a luxury hotel event manager and her interior design degree came-in-handy when planning her dream wedding at the San Luis Obispo venue, The Penny.

Despite initially planning an elopement in Mexico with her fiance David, the couple chose to scrap their plans and create a beautiful, Mexican gothic fiesta in San Luis Obispo. By capturing the colors of a desert sunset, the wedding was an enchanting "Día De Los Lovers" celebration. The vibrant florals, the chic centerpieces designed by Heather, and the lively flash mob with guests were all memorable aspects of the day! We are "truly, madly, and deeply" obsessed!

See all the fun the couple had during their wedding in the full gallery captured by photographer Alexander Wallace, and see what Bride Heather had to say about her special day! 

Their Wedding Inspiration

"We drew inspiration from David's Mexican heritage and my background in theatre and showmanship to create an immersive experience "Dia de los Lovers."

The Details

"I was excited about the music when I walked down the aisle. I wanted to surprise the crowd so the song I chose began as a traditional wedding march on the piano that then transitioned into a slow piano version of ABBA's "Dancing Queen." "Dancing Queen" has been a theme song of the ladies in my family and it felt so special to walk down the aisle to a song that felt like me."

"I was also excited about the custom cocktails that we designed for the reception. I collaborated with Robin from Highwater so the drinks were inspired by David and my love story. Not only were they executed to perfection but they were insanely beautiful and delicious."

The Memorable Moments

"My brother's speech was incredible! My poor brother grew up with three younger sisters and hadn't given a speech at my other sisters' weddings, I wanted to make sure he was able to give a speech at mine and he did not disappoint. Because he grew up with three younger sisters he, unfortunately, knows all the songs to every musical and Disney movie by heart, only because he was forced to listen to us constantly sing them. He prepared a speech for David and me that was littered with musical number references and even sang a few lines! It was a sweet acknowledgment of how we grew up and completely out of his comfort zone."

"Fun Fact: My mom loves flash mobs. She thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread. I had a feeling that one might be coming but I had no idea what we were in for. Out of the 100 guests at the wedding reception, 90 of them were on their feet dancing to a surprise performance of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. It was so much fun to see all these people who were not typical performers up there dancing their hearts out. I learned that there were months of in-person and zoom rehearsals among different guests. It made the reception even more fun because a lot of guests recognized each other from these rehearsals so it was as if everyone knew each other!"

Their Wedding Planning Advice

"While romance was a key point for the event, we wanted our guests to feel like it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to and I think we achieved that"

Celebrating a "Día De Los Lovers"

Celebrating a "Día De Los Lovers"

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