Enchanting, charming and worth the wait - Camille and Garrett's wedding day was full of love and light, hosted at the heavenly Pismo Beach wedding venue Thousand Hills Ranch. Their day was the epitome of having big love in a small town. Camille and Garrett tied the knot in front of many longterm family and friends from Arroyo Grande, including both of their parents. Throughout the years, they made even more beautiful connections with people from different states, including one of Garrett's groomsman and their photographer, Kyle Starcevich. With a spiritual love connection and passion for people, the two were destined to be together and their wedding was a sweet mixture of both of their personalities combined. I was lucky enough to be one of Camille's bridesmaids and witness the day first-hand as well as interview the bride about her special day.

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Their Love Story

"Garrett and I met in the gym back in 2018. Garrett was coming home from college and I was 1 year into my college career. We are 4 years apart, so we had heard of each others names but had never actually met until that spring. Through that summer, we both fell hard & fast for one another. We became official in August of 2018 and immediately went into a long distance relationship. We pushed through almost 2 years of long distance. A lot of long trips by car or plane, along with countless FaceTime calls... Then in May of 2020, Garrett proposed on the beach with both of our families and my closest friends. I was so overwhelmed with surprise & joy. After a 2 year engagement, and a lot of growing together, we declared our love for each other in front of our family, friends, and most importantly, God. It is our goal to have our faith as the center of our marriage. I feel incredibly lucky to have such supportive & encouraging people in my life that helped us both get to this point. I am blessed to have married such a Godly man."

The Details

"One of my favorite details was the fact that Garrett and I did a first touch instead of a first look. It was such an intimate moment where we got to get some nerves out of the way and pray with one another. We truly wanted to have our first experience seeing each other to be me walking down the aisle."

Color Pallette

"The boys wore navy blue suites with maroon bow ties. I chose to have my bridesmaids wear mix matched dresses ranging from cabernet(maid of honor) to pastel pink. My florist did an incredible job at tying all of my colors together!"


"We chose to get married out at Thousand Hills Ranch because of the Teixeira family and what they have done/continue to do for our community. After the location was decided, I wanted to stick with the barn theme so Hobby Lobby became my best friend! I was also so happy that I chose to do mix matching bridesmaids dresses! I loved every detail."

Memorable Moments

"One of my favorite moments was our little get away after dinner to do sunset photos on top of the Pismo preserve. Holly and Steve Teixiera are two of the most generous individuals I have ever met. We were honored to accept the opportunity to capture some of our most intimate, memorable moments. We had an amazing DJ from Epic Entertainment named Hakeem Gordon. He broke out the limbo bar towards the end! He was very flexible and SO much fun."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Share the things you're passionate about. Garrett and I are super passionate and have grown in our passion about the Lord. Communicate about those passions as well as struggles you may have. And if you are on the receiving side of your partners passions or struggles, consider the fact that they may just want an ear to listen. We love to help others, but listening can often be a huge level of support as well."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"One of the main struggles of planning our wedding on the central coast of California, was the fact that Garrett and I both live in Gilbert, Arizona. One thing I see that maybe would have helped is being able to meet up with my mom or coordinators in person person more often leading up to the wedding date. But the support that I had on the day of was so amazing. I honestly wouldn't want it any other way."

Big Love in a Small Town

Big Love in a Small Town

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