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Before the proposal even happened, it is likely you previously spent countless hours daydreaming with your partner about your ideal wedding. 

Are you in love with warm summer weddings? Are you obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians and need it as your wedding theme? Do you want to serve cake, or are you more of a donut person? 

If you haven't already started fantasizing about your wedding, there is no better time to start then now. The brainstorming portion of the planning process is key to drawing together ideas, so you can explore your options with your partner while getting to know what you both want and don't want. Your ideas don't have to be set in stone because they will likely change throughout the planning process, but it's a lovely first step. If you're looking to start gathering inspiration, start with a mood board, which is a great tool to share with your wedding planner.

Mood Boards by Written by Emily 

Try this fun daydreaming exercise with your partner:

Create a mood board featuring pictures from each category below and compare your results!








The First Step in Planning Your Big Day: Daydreaming

The First Step in Planning Your Big Day: Daydreaming

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