This Arroyo Grande Wedding was personal, joy filled, and all things colorful. Estee + Brett's day was beautifully captured by Anya McInroy at The Casitas Estate. The natural classic Spanish design at the estate gave this couple inspiration for a Hacienda Chic themed wedding. Everything was vibrant, from their colors, to the dancing, to their love. You won't want to miss this bride's touching story and more about their big day, so don't waste anymore time and keep scrolling.

Girl Meets Boy! 

Brett and I met in high school. We grew up in the same area and had similar friend circles, but we did not start dating until after college. I guess, we are your unconventional high school sweethearts. We reconnected when I was living in California starting my first high school teaching job, and he was living in Minnesota working for a company. Our relationship began as long distance which was challenging. Brett moved back to California for graduate school, and we dated for 5 years before he proposed. Brett proposed in San Francisco in August 2016. To my surprise, my immediate family was there for a post-engagement celebration, and we had a really great weekend. Two months later, I noticed the lump through a self exam, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started chemotherapy and it lasted for six months. In May 2017, I had a bilateral mastectomy and in January 2018, I completed the reconstruction phase. In May 2018, we got married! Our wedding day was wonderful. We held everything at the Casitas Estate in Arroyo Grande. We had a large gathering of our family and friends. We had a taco & margarita bar plus an evening full of dancing, laughing, and celebrating. My brother is a singer and he brought his band to help get the party started. My best friend from elementary school custom designed our cake. My hair was done by a high school friend who helped me shave my head when I was diagnosed and then put the final touches on me for the wedding. Everything was really personal and special for both Brett and me. We wanted everyone to celebrate and enjoy themselves. Especially after all we had been through, we wanted nothing more than a day to just LIVE, EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY. So often we take people and time for granted, and we knew firsthand what it meant to have all of our loved ones together in the same place so we seized the moment. I can truly say that I was present at my wedding. I soaked everything in and I cherished all of the moments with Brett, my family, and my friends.

Wedding Planning Inspiration

We fell in love with the venue, and it has a hacienda vibe. So we tied everything together with a taco bar and a margarita bar, we added tons of colorful flowers, and we aimed for hacienda chic.

Color Palette

Turquoise, Tangerine Orange, and Deep Purple. Subtle accents were navy blue and burgundy. 

The Details

I was the most excited to have everyone come together to celebrate, especially after the long and unexpected journey to the wedding day.

Memorable Moments

After our wedding, we took the entire bridal party to a local bar. We kept our dresses and suits on. We weren't from the area, but we wanted to make the most of the night so we brought all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen with us! Another memorable moment for me was between me and my hair stylist. She's a friend of mine, and she was one of the first people I called when I was diagnosed with cancer. She came to my house and chopped my hair off which was a really emotional moment for me. To have her there on my wedding day putting the final touches on my hair felt so surreal. I remember getting a little teary eyed and just thanking her tremendously. A woman's hair is so much a part of her identity so to lose it during chemotherapy is really hard. With her support, I was able to look beyond my physical appearance and realize that I am much more than my hair.

Raddest Wedding Vendors

TacoMan Express hosted the most authentic and delicious taco bar. Bottles & Ice served great margaritas. Sugar Lips came in with donuts and milk for a late night snack, and the guests devoured them! Spencer Sarson had a slow motion video booth which was really fun and funny. Anya McInroy went above and beyond to capture the day with her photography, and we love all of her work.

Advice for Newbie Brides

Just go with the flow. I mean .... I was engaged and then got diagnosed with cancer. I had no choice but to be curious and open to whatever life was throwing at me. In a way, having an illness during the process of getting married helped me to not sweat the small stuff. Remember what your day is about, what your day means to you, and truly give your best effort to be present.

A Vibrant, Hacienda Chic Arroyo Grande Wedding

A Vibrant, Hacienda Chic Arroyo Grande Wedding

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