Alejandra and Jordan’s bold Latin wedding transformed the San Luis Obispo wedding venue, The Penny, in the most inspiring ways! The couple danced into their wedding ceremony and found themselves beneath a lively atmosphere of fiesta fringe and tons of confetti. Complemented by orange, pink, and yellow bold-hue blooms from Heidi Hearts Flowers, the courtyard transformed into an absolute outdoor extravaganza. Of course, we’re enthralled by the photographs from Katie Iredale Photography, because she captured the couple pulling off so many striking outfit changes throughout their special day! 

Alejandra and Jordan shared a breathtaking wedding day beyond tradition, and we gladly bring their love story to you. Take a look! 

Their Love Story

"March 16, 2019 I sat in front of my best friend sobbing while I expressed that I had given up on dating. The next day, I jumped on Hinge and matched with someone who's beard I fell in love with but was my complete opposite. I didn't know at the time, being single for 33 years at that point, that I had met my husband. We started chatting, and 2 weeks later went on our first date. He brought me flowers and walked me to my car. He was everything I didn't know I was looking for. The next weekend we went one our second and third date. On our third date he took me to his favorite lookout spot in Oakland. That's when he told me he knew he wanted to in a relationship with me. I wasn't ready, but just a few weeks later we became official."

The Color Palette

"Mixture of pinks, oranges, yellows, and a little terracotta. Black was the accent."

Their Wedding Inspiration

"I wanted to represent my culture. My parents are immigrants from Mexico City, and my mom's parents immigrated from Spain to Mexico during the Spanish Civil War. It was important for me to have the day be a representation of that. When I was looking at Pinterest for inspiration, many of those weddings were quite dated. I couldn't find a modern and vibrant twist to a Latin inspired wedding. I started looking at a lot of luxury weddings in tropical parts of Mexico. And that's where I drew my inspiration. I wanted everything to be very vibrant, with lots of color and a fun feel. I also wanted to ensure that my husband felt represented as well, which is why we went with The Penny. He worked at the Port of Oakland so the building felt very much like him."

The Memorable Moments

"One of my favorite parts was our ceremony. We wanted to have a huge celebration and fun vibes all around. Which is why we opted for more a non traditional ceremony. We surprised our guests with our ceremony entrance and song. I had my bridesmaids dance into the venue on opposite sides, and then we danced into the ceremony from opposite sides. We chose "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Ashley. I haven't seen anyone do this before, but it just felt very "us". And everyone loved it! We also had 3 wedding outfits! Everyone was so surprised each time we changed. But we really wanted to be comfortable when we were celebrating. I couldn't imagine being in a dress for that long."

The Details

"My husband would say he was most excited about the beer that he home brewed. We really wanted to have the day be a representation of us as a couple, while also keeping our guests in mind. My husband is a great home brewer and everyone who tries his beer is obsessed. I was most excited about the Latin inspired details such as the maracas, the hand fans, the hanging fringe, and the napkins and candles I had shipped from Mexico. It just really pulled my vision together."

Their Wedding Planning Advice

"When planning, take the word wedding out of it. Think about this day as a way to show who you are as a couple. What do you want this day to look like, feel like, taste like, etc? If it doesn't make sense to you don't do it. Just because it's trendy doesn't mean you have to do it either. And don't forget you are a "host" so always keep the guest experience in mind."

Alejandra & Jordan's Lively Latin Extravaganza

Alejandra & Jordan's Lively Latin Extravaganza

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