Alexa and Riley's classic and stunning wedding day was their dream love story, with only 3 months of preparation since Riley is in the marines. Friends and family brought together their special day in a way that you'd never believe it was mostly a DIY wedding. They tied the knot on a peaceful day in May in Pismo Beach at Thousand Hills Ranch. Santa Barbara Photographer Sarah Vendramini was there to capture the beautiful couple, and their love for each other shows effortlessly in each dreamy photo. I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexa to hear her thoughts on the big day.

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Their Love Story

"We met when we were fifteen through our parents being friends, started dating when we were 17, and have been together 5 years. He's in the marines so he told me he was going to be training in the field (which is very common) so he said he "couldn't make it home" for a family celebration we were having. I was taking pictures of his sisters when I turned around and he surprised me and proposed."

Color Theme

Black and White

The Details

"We both like timeless and simplistic styles. Less was more for us so we chose neutral colors and minimal decor. We planned the wedding in 3 months and wanted to enjoy the process and our short engagement rather than focusing too much on the appearances."

Memorable Moments

"Cliche but marrying my best friend and having our closest friends and family be a witness to that was what I was most excited for, seeing Riley in a suit (he's not big on dressing up), and the dancing too. Right after the ceremony there was so much overwhelming joy. I couldn't stop looking at him with so much pride in the fact that he's my husband now. Another memorable moment would be staying up until 4 in the morning after the reception with our best friends out by the fire pit that was at the venue."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Try your best not to get wrapped up in the stress of it. All of the details that you think have to be perfect... odds are you'll barely notice it the day of. Enjoy the process the best you can."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"We planned it in 3 months, and half of that time Riley and I weren't able to talk because he was in the field training with no service. Luckily he's so laid back because I had to make most of the decisions without him and try to guess his suit measurements."

Thank you for your service, Riley!

Simple, Timeless and DIY - The Penirs' Perfect Day

Simple, Timeless and DIY - The Penirs' Perfect Day

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