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Whether it's boots and boho, picnics and pool days, or discos and dancing, you can't go wrong in choosing your dream bachelorette theme. Although there are many unique and up and coming ideas for your weekend extravaganza, I narrowed down a list of bride favorites that could be easily executed on the Central Coast.

Keep scrolling for inspiration on the following bachelorette themes:

1. Palms, Picnics and Pool days

2. Disco Cowgirl

3. Coastal Bride

4. Mamma Mia / Retro

Photos by Tayler Enerle Photography

Palms, Picnics and Pool Days

If your idea of a good time is lounging by a pool with mimosas and charcuterie boards, this theme is the one for you. There is no shortage of luxurious pop-up picnic businesses or gorgeous vacation rentals with pools that could make this relaxing weekend with your bridesmaids possible.

Enhance your photo opportunities and snack experience with Central Coast Picnic Business Mimi's Picnics and kick your feet up by the pool at the elegant San Luis Obispo Vacation Rental, Higuera Ranch.

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Disco Cowgirl

Giddy up ladies! It's your last rodeo before putting a ring on it! The disco cowgirl theme is undoubtedly adorable, with all the whimsical and funky details included in the outfits and accessories. Pack your bags with your favorite bull-riding boots and sparkly jean jackets, because this type of weekend will be an unforgettable ride.

Sing your heart out at the Downtown SLO Country Bar, Mcklintock's, stay and play at the San Luis Obispo Modern Farmstay, Marfarm, and get your western whiskey fix at the San Luis Obispo Tasting Room, Rod and Hammer SLO Stills.

Photo by Oh Lovely Photography
Photos by Oh Lovely Photography
Photos by Oh Lovely Photography and Sarah Layman
Photos by Kelsea Holder Photography and Michelle Roller Photography

Coastal Bride Bach

It's no surprise that the coastal grandmother / Meredith Blake aesthetic is trending. Put those classy and elegant details to life at your dream coastal bride bachelorette! With whimsical florals, pastels, and endless champagne, you can't go wrong with this theme.

Enjoy a benedict brunch and coastal breeze at the Pismo Beach Resort and Spa, Dolphin Bay. This is the perfect location for a nice view of the ocean, quality brunch and impeccable event service.

Photos sourced from Pinterest
Photos sourced from Pinterest
Photo by Mimi's Picnics

Mamma Mia / Retro

Mamma Mia! More disco balls? Put your groovy bell bottoms on and plug in the karaoke machine! There can never be enough sparkles and glitter in this theme that highlights all things retro.

Stay and play at the uber unique Downtown San Luis Obispo Vacation Rental, SLO Brew Lofts, plan a delectable dinner right downstairs at the San Luis Obispo Event Venue, The Carrisa, and light up your weekend with a bright lit-up sign put together by San Luis Obispo Lighting Coordinator, Alpha Lit Marquee Letters.

Photos sourced from Pinterest
Photos sourced from Pinterest
Photos by Bailey Vaskov and Alma Erika Photography
Photography by Poppy and Vine Photography

Boisterous Bachelorette Themes for the Bride's Last Ride

Boisterous Bachelorette Themes for the Bride's Last Ride

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