Katie and Brandon's golden California wedding was the perfect combination of beachy and bohemian as the designs were inspired by their adoration for the central coast of California. Hosted at the unique and aesthetically pleasing San Luis Obispo wedding venue Rod and Hammer SLO Stills and SLO Brew Rock by SLO Brew Gatherings, their dream event was put to life by the ever so talented San Luis Obispo wedding planner Epiphany Events and captured by Joshua Tree photographers Apartment 3 Photography. There was no need to feel pressure on design details because of how decorative and stylish the venue already was, however San Luis Obispo design and rentals studio Avenue Twelve and San Luis Obispo florist Brooke Edelman Floral Designs added vibrant pops of color and gorgeous accents to make everything stand out even more. I had the pleasure of interviewing the bride about her special day and love story.

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Their Love Story

What started as a geographical mix-up on a dating website 9 years ago, turned into the most beautiful Golden California wedding. When Katie messaged Brandon for the first time, she was excited to meet a nice guy living in Atwater Village, a few freeway exits down from her in Los Angeles. Brandon received that message 250 miles away in the small dairy town of Atwater, in central California. Drawn to each other by their mutual love of reciting movie and TV lines back to one another, they decided that their hometown mix up was actually fate. After a year of long distance dating, Brandon relocated to Southern California to start his life with Katie. The two spent so much of their early years driving to the beach and hopping between breweries and finding the best oysters that when a job opportunity for Katie opened up in Ventura, they moved to the beach and have never looked back. The central coast is where Brandon and Katie feel most at home and it was only fitting that Brandon pop the question on the cliffs of Pismo Beach outside Inn at the Cove, hoping she'd say yes, and one year later they would be taking their wedding pictures across the sand at Dinosaur Caves Park.

Color Palette

"Our colors matched those you would see during a sunset over the ocean. Shades of Orange, Marigolds, with hues of pink and ocean blue."

The Inspiration

"We LOVE California. It's a state of mind, a style, and a way of life for us. Colors that reflect the sunsets and surfboards were a big inspiration. We loved the Rattan furniture and surf rodeo vibe that Rod & Hammer had already instilled. It fit our style like a glove. We wanted this wedding to be a true California Dream with touches of everything from the Spanish stylings of Santa Barbara to the 70's retro surf culture of the Ventura to the organic and clean lines of Malibu."

The Details

"I was most excited about the GIANT crossword puzzle, it was designed specifically to get our guests talking to one another. The personalized Crossword had questions that were all about the two of us, and everyone at the wedding had at least one question designed for them specifically to know - so in order to get the whole puzzle, guests had to talk to each other about how they knew us! We also had rotating food every hour as opposed to a sit down dinner. This ensured that everyone could get up and dance with the incredible Brett Hunter Band and still get a bite to eat throughout the night."

Memorable Moments

"Seeing how Noel Jubilee with Epiphany Events put the entire vision and design of our wedding together was like a dream come to life. She absolutely understood what we were looking for and on the day of the wedding - boom. It was better than my imagination. Another memorable moment was getting ready with Brandon. We decided to get ready together and enjoyed laughing, watching TV and snacking on trader joe's finest while getting ready."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Get married at a place where you already like the decor! It saved us so much in rentals and decorations! Also don't eat guacamole 5 minutes before walking down the aisle."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"We live in Ventura so planning a wedding in SLO meant that we had to trust the experts and believe in their vision because we weren't on site very much at all leading up to the day. Letting go of control and just enjoying the opportunity to create this day with the best of the best was the most rewarding challenge to overcome."

The Wedding Standard exists to help couples find the most excellent artists and venues on The Central Coast. If you used this service when planning your wedding, can you tell us what you loved about it?

"I got almost every vendor from The Wedding Standard. It was an absolute dream to have all my vendors not only be familiar with one another, but to actually know and be friends with each other. There was absolutely no stress about our vendors throughout the entire process because of it."

Katie and Brandon's Golden California Wedding

Katie and Brandon's Golden California Wedding

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