This moody, mystic desert engagement shoot has us dying to book our own adventure. These photographs of Chelsey and John by California Wedding Photographer, Alexandra Wallace, truly encompass the breathtaking environment of Joshua Tree. Dressed in black attire, the couple literally pops against the beauty of the desert, and their looks deserve your attention. View their engagement shoot now! 

Tell us how you met! Was it love at first sight?

"We are a Bumble success story! Both swiped right in June 2017."

Who said I love you first?

"We always go back and forth on this because I was the first one to think it but he was definitely the first one to say it. I knew on the second date he was the "one" even though I never believed that actually existed. It took him about 6 months to realize it too haha."

Tell us about the proposal! What were the behind the scenes moments before the big question? 

"Well, we were in the beginning stages of Covid-19 (May 2020) so no one could leave their houses. I'm a huge planner so we had talked about getting engaged on my birthday (May 8) so I knew it was coming but wasn't sure how he was going to do it. We ordered Italian food for dinner and he told me to stay inside the house and drink wine while he was in the backyard. He still managed to surprise me though because he said "I need help moving the dining table out there but you have to close your eyes so you don't see anything" so I went out there to help move the table! Well, apparently he didn't need help because he told me to open my eyes and he was down on one knee with our dog, Kalooa, wearing a tuxedo collar with a ring attached. He had set up some candle bags that said "Chelsey, will you marry me?" and of course I said yes! I still can't believe he was able to surprise me EVEN THOUGH I KNEW IT WAS COMING!"

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"We FaceTimed our family and friends and drank a lot of wine!"

The Wedding

"The plan was always to elope in New Zealand but COVID never allowed that to be a reality so instead we had a small, intimate wedding in Dallas with our family and close friends. We surprised everyone by saying it was a celebration dinner because we would be going to the courthouse that morning to sign the papers. Instead, our friend who is ordained married us in front of everyone at the dinner. It was so fun and perfect and everything we hoped for. Earlier this year we flew out to Page, AZ and took wedding photos with the most beautiful picturesque backgrounds! I had bought a dress in the fall of 2020 and wanted to wear it and have photos to commemorate. On the day we scheduled the wedding photos, we found out we were pregnant! So those will be fun to share with our son someday."

Moody and Mystic Desert Engagement

Moody and Mystic Desert Engagement

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