Shot by Aaron Delesie, Design by Easton Events

When it comes to your wedding day decor, the tablescape at your reception is one of the most important and fun ways ways to elevate your event and create an impact. Guests will be looking at this for a large portion of the evening, and by using a unique linen that fits your aesthetic, you can start at the little details such as your napkin fold.

Paying attention to your napkin fold can enhance your look and help play off of the overall feel you are trying to create. From contemporary to classic folds, how you display napkin and pair it with the other design elements such as paper goods, florals, or dinnerware can help promote a cohesive look throughout your wedding.

Rectangular Fold

A timeless yet simple fold is the rectangular fold. This is perfect for a classic design and can be the perfect frame for your wedding menu. Try turning this horizontally for a completely different look.

Shot by Sophie Epton, Design by Andria Leigh Events

Square Fold 

If you would like to go for a more crisp, modern look, try using a square napkin fold and create a statement with the mixed proportions of your place setting. 

Shot by Jose Villa, Design by Lauri Arons

Single Pocket Fold 

Adding a fold such as the single pocket fold is a great way to bring the napkin and the menu together, yet simple enough to work with any look.

Shot by Larissa Cleveland, Design by Audere Events

Thick Rectangular Fold 

The best part about the rectangular fold is that it is timeless, but can be executed in many different ways. By creating a slimmer fold with your napkin, you can create a clean look, as well as add dimension by leaning your menu card up against it.

Shot by Adriana Klas, Design by Rebecca Reategui

Knotted Napkin 

If working with a softer linen, adding a knot can give your place setting more of an effortless look, bur refrains from being too casual. The placement of this old can add an additional shape to catch ones eye.

Shot by Anya Kernes, Design by Velvet Alley Events

Rolled Fold

This look is simple but effective with dressing up your table design. Adding in a fun ribbon or even leaving it on its own is sure to make a statement. 

Shot by Natalie Bray, Design by Embark Event Design

Draped Napkin 

This tasteful fold creates a beautiful look and is a great option whether you have plates at your place settings or not. Adding the draping over the table edge can add a polished look to your design.

Shot by Hunter Ryan, Design by Anna Lucia Events

The Wrap Around 

If you want to make sure your napkin is visible to add a nice contrast to your table decor, try using the wrap around fold. When using this fold, you can lay it either horizontally or vertically, however make sure you properly match it with you paper goods so they do not compete.

Shot by The Edges, Design by Sophia Goff

Make a Point 

Fold your napkin into geometrical shapes such as a hexagon or pentagon is a classic and chic look. With this fold, adding on a monogram or crest is a great way to add a personalized touch to your decor.

Shot by Aaron Delesie, Design by Easton Events

The Effortless Look 

Adding a relaxed and effortless fold like this can beautifully dress up your design. Try tying with a ribbon, placing it under your plate, or even leave it as is.

Shot by Stephanie Brauer, Design by DM Events & Design

Classic Napkin Folds to Elevate your Wedding Reception

Classic Napkin Folds to Elevate your Wedding Reception

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