Choose a few colors to play with

Often times, we hear brides say that they just want "green and white," at their wedding - although after looking at inspiration pictures we see that they love tones of ivory, soft taupe and even blush. Don't be afraid of a range of colors - and trust that your designer will use similar tones of each to create a dynamic color story. In this neutral inspired greenhouse Santa Barbara wedding designed by Tyler Speier Events, the color pallete included a range of neutral tones like grey, cream, white and ivory.  

Think About Colors That Naturally Inspire You

Choosing colors that naturally make you happy is the best way to ensure that you will love each and every detail of your wedding design when you walk into your reception. Don't be afraid to select colors that you naturally gravitate towards, and avoid feeling pressured to choose something "totally different" for your wedding design! This inspiration shoot with florals by April Flowers was inspired by all things warm and sunny, tones of yellow, orange and browns contrasted blue pops of color.

Make sure venue or space plays into your color story

If your venue has a few colored elements that will be present on your wedding day, like wall colors, colors in landscape design, or any interior designs - play into those elements! Use those colors in some way as a part of your color pallete. This will help to ensure that each piece of the wedding design is cohesive. While designing this this dessert inspired elopement inspiration shoot, Wild Heart Events and Idlewild Floral at Rimrock Ranch made sure to include colors inspired by the rocks and landscape. Soft colors and browns complimented the sandstone colors of the surrounding rock, rather than bold colors that would have fought with the surroundings. 

3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Color Pallete

3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Color Pallete

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