Picture this. An elopement set along the country side of California, with rolling hills of vineyards as the backdrop. But if that alone doesn't hook you, the photos from San Luis Obispo wedding photographer Loveridge Photography certainly will. It may only be Tuesday but with film like this, champagne is needed. So pop a bottle and enjoy more of Kayla & Angelo's intimate celebration of love, from the bride walking up a gravel road in her Christian Louboutins to the groom's awestruck face when he sees his bride.

The Love Story

It started with a DM! Angelo and I work in the television industry but didn't know each other. We followed each other on social media and when he posted a video of him making pasta, I had to say say hi. We went on our first date a few nights later and quickly bonded over our love of Italian food, hobbies and motorcycles.

Inspiration For The Day

We have built a relationship around adventuring together over the last several years, so we thought nothing better than eloping! Eloping allowed us to focus on doing something intimate and memorable - something just for us. We love wine and the outdoors, so eloping at a little cottage overlooking a vineyard felt perfect for us. It was a day that was focused around each other and that's what we felt mattered most when tying the knot. And we were COVID safe!


We wanted to specifically elope outdoors overlooking a vineyard because we wanted to have that beautiful green depth of field, during golden hour, in all of our photos. We went with neutral colors to accent my wedding outfit (taupe, blush and sage green bouquet). Angelo wore a beautiful olive green suit which paired well with my funky gold jewelry.

The Details

We were most excited to share our special moment together with having no pressure of a wedding. Being officiated by our best friend, not having to answer a thousand people, or entertain. It was just simply romantic and intimate. Also, we found out we were pregnant the morning before we got married which made our special day even more exciting!

Advice For Future Brides

Just do what is best for you and your partner! Everyone worries too much about pleasing other people when planning weddings. Stay true to what will make you, as a couple, the most happy and fulfilled. It's a beautiful and emotional day, that celebrates two people coming together as a family - the magic should surround YOU! Have fun, do what makes you happy and what is best for you.

Rad Vendors 

Dress and veil are by Sarah Seven. My bouquet was from Mulberry Row. My jewelry was from Christine Nicolaides. Our cake was from Frances Baking Co. Angelos suit is JCREW. Our his and hers wedding bands (which are custom designed for us! And so dope!!) are from Julio Cuellar Jewelry. And we stayed at a private cottage on a family's vineyard property in Gaviota, CA.

Dreamy Vineyard Elopement

Dreamy Vineyard Elopement

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