From clean lines, fresh greenery, and fashion-forward decor, incorporating a more contemporary style into your wedding look is perfect for any modern couple. While weddings have a lot of traditions, we are seeing more couples adding in a touch of modernity to make their day their own. Modern weddings are refined and focus on simple, yet bold design. We have gathered some of our favorite inspiration to give you an idea on how to style your modern wedding. 

Photography by Yvonne Goll

Select a Modern Wedding Venue

Starting with your base, select a venue that has a fresh and clean look that will allow you to build on it. Anything with a more urban feel tends to lean more modern and will play nicely with your contemporary style. From white walls, concrete floors, or even a brick building, there are many ways to achieve a modern look. Also consider selecting a space with natural light

Dress from BHLDN

Choose a Modern Wedding Dress

What better way to show off your modern style than with a minimalist dress. As the focal point of your wedding, picking a dress that has clean lines and a simple design will compliment your contemporary design. We love this chic Jenny You dress which incorporates a floral lace detail to add a romantic look to the overall modern style. 

Photographed by Love + Wolves Co.

Mix Up your Bridal Party Dresses

This is a super fun trend that we are loving. Having your bridal party dressed in a mix of dresses is a unique and playful way to spice up your wedding day entourage. From different colors, to different patterns, to different styles, there are many ways to add in some character.

Photographed by Mango Studios

Go All White

Going all white color palette will always lead to a clean and sophisticated design. Adding in pops of neutral tones or greenery will help pull this look together. 

Photographed by Ninety Three Creative

Add In Black

To create a chic and elegant look, add in black details to your wedding decor. White and black is a classic color combo that will create a beautiful contrast and help convey your modern design.

Stationery by Rebel Reflect

Incorporate Bold & Clean Typography

Use a bold and clean font in your signage and other stationery to create modern feel. Anything with minimal design and neutral colors will create a bright and fresh look.

Photographed by Jake & Necia Photography

Add in Unique Materials

Materials like vellum, acrylic, concrete, metals, and marble are great examples of things to bring into your design to accent your modern design.

Photographed by Lauren Scotti Photographer

Switch Up Your Florals

Include flowers with a little more structure, an asymmetrical look, or even an ombre look to your wedding decor. To really pull the look together you can keep your flowers all white or monochromatic. Another option is to make greenery the focal point of your design, with a mixture of leaves and vines. 

Cake by Crummb Cakes

Modernize Your Something Sweet

Opt for a unique cake design including different colors, textures and shapes to help create a modern feel. From a square cake to one that looks like it was painted by an artist, there are so many fun ways to bring your contemporary design into your sweets. 

How to Achieve a Modern Wedding Look

How to Achieve a Modern Wedding Look

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