This couple was all smiles during their engagement shoot, and who could blame them? Cheers to being engaged!  

During Taylor and Rance's beautiful engagement shoot, they happily roamed around jaw-dropping Santa Barbara. First amid the city and then on the beach, California Coastal photographer Alexandra Wallace successfully captured their love in stills, despite the location. 

Join Taylor and Rance on their engagement shoot adventure and take a glimpse into their love story...

How did you meet? Was it love at first sight?

"We met in college on our first day in the dorms. We realized very quickly that we got along well and were friends for about a year first. and then started we started dating when we both admitted we had something more between us. I love that we were friends first and really got to know and enjoy each other on that level. We have been together for five years."

Who said I love you first? What was that moment like?

"Rance said I love you first and it truly felt so natural. I think we honestly loved each other before we even started dating."

Tell us about the proposal! What were the behind the scenes moments before the big question? 

"Rance proposed to me in Manzanillo Mexico on the beach. He had a private table set up with rose petals and roses everywhere. It was truly something out of a movie. He had a boat drive by with a sign saying "will you marry me" and binoculars on the table. Our little joke about that is that I have terrible eyes and couldn't exactly read what the sign said. Haha Luckily I turned around and he was on one knee so no explanation was necessary. We had hidden photographers capture the entire moment. It was beyond special. Both of our families were waiting at the villa we stayed when we got back to celebrate."

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"We joined both our families, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner while looking out at the sun setting over the ocean. We all talked about the future and reminisced on the past and mine and Rances love story."

Do you have plans for your wedding yet?

"YES! We are getting married in San Luis Obispo at La Lomita Ranch on March 2023. We are very excited. The wedding will be classic and romantic. White and dusty blue flowers will fill the venue with lots of candlelight. The venue has a little bit of each of our styles, so its absolutely perfect."

From the City to the Beach, Taylor & Rance's Engagement Shoot

From the City to the Beach, Taylor & Rance's Engagement Shoot

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