Kelsie and Cody's sleek and modern wedding at Rava Wines was full of talented San Luis Obispo Wedding Vendors! From photography by Kristyn Villars to bar services by Copper and Crystal, these local vendors came together to create Kelsie and Cody's dream wedding. Full of autumn tones of copper and cream to dark and moody with the most decadent black cake made by Papercake, this couples inspiration was brought to fruition.

Bride Kelsie was in the perfect position when planning her wedding because of her work experience in our industry. Those of us that work in this industry know how special it is when one of our own get to experience the "Johe" of planning their own wedding with friendors by their side. Cheers and congratulations to the Johe's! Double congratulations because Kelsie and Cody will be welcoming a baby soon!

How did your love story begin?

"Baby brain is a real thing and I can hardly remember how long we've been together! I believe it was year five when Cody proposed. We don't have some romantic love story - in fact very rough patches in our lives brought us together. However I could not be more grateful, because I just couldn't imagine my life today without Cody."

Where did your design inspiration come from?

"The industry! My design changed with every new linen That came across my desk and new floral I saw in a mock up."

What were your wedding colors?

"Black, anything black I definitely pushed for. As well as that light blue velvet and the amber in the cooper beach branches"


What design aspects did you look forward to seeing the most?

"Our seating chart - the large metal pieces took so much time and planning to make so I was really looking forward to seeing them all out together. Plus I'm obsessed with anything Raina, from Fete and Quill, is involved in so it was a big deal for me! Oh and that all black wedding cake from Papercakes."

What wedding vendors absolutely raised the bar?

"*insert entire wedding vendor list* but seriously, every single Vendor that was a part of our wedding did an outstanding job. It wouldn't have been possible without them"

What memorable moment stood out to you when you look back on your day? 

"Watching Cody throughout the night, he looked so proud and so incredibly happy. Also belting out every single word to Celine Dion's, it's all coming back to me, with my friends."

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples?

"The best advice I can give, is actually none. Every couple is different and every wedding will be too. A bride should always do what her heart tells her - what is best for her and her soon to be husbands wedding day. Everything else doesn't matter!"

Rich Modern Wedding at Rava Wines

Rich Modern Wedding at Rava Wines

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