Loving couple, Kathleen and Marshall, always knew they wanted a moody, romantic atmosphere on their special day. Alongside Janet Tacy from Sandcastle Celebrations, their visions became their reality. With a mutual love for beautiful San Luis Obispo architecture, Mission San Luis Obispo and Octagon Barn, and a shared favorite color, black, their wedding was a true representation of their love. From pairing black velvet linens with an impressive disco ball to eye-catching pops of deep-colored florals - we say their wedding day was a beautiful success! 

Take a peek at the elegant imagery of the Ford's special day from Alexandra Wallace, a California Central Coast Photographer.

Their Love Story 

"Marshall and I met in 2015 in New York City. We had both just finished our respective grad school programs and had each been living in the city for merely months. In an effort to meet new people, we had both joined a popular dating app and "swiped right" when stumbling upon one another. In Marshall's profile, I was shocked to see that he listed "SLO" as one of his former places of residence, and I was slightly (very) impressed that he was an architect and completed his masters degree at Harvard. Having went to Cal Poly, I had to initiate the conversation by asking if he also went there. Marshall planned our first date, where we romantically and awkwardly met on a subway platform. Our plans were quite literally derailed by a subway incident so we ended up wandering around Chelsea and had dinner at an Italian restaurant, seated next to Margaret Cho. We immediately connected over our love for the Central Coast and saw one another every day from then on."

The Inspiration

"First and foremost, Marshall and I wanted to highlight elements that were unique to the Central Coast (which is what originally initiated our relationship!). Venues were of the utmost importance when beginning our planning process."

"Having our ceremony at Mission San Luis Obispo was a non-negotiable, as we both come from Catholic families, Marshall attended Mission Prep High School, and we felt strongly about getting married in a place with distinctively historical architecture with strong cultural significance to the community."

"The Historic Octagon Barn offered the same historic significance, and we enjoyed the quirkiness of the building and the fact that it offered a blank slate as well as seating in the round."

The Details

"It was incredibly important for us to celebrate in the presence of family and friends."

The Memorable Moments

"Marshall and I would both agree that our first dance was a highly memorable moment for both of us! We chose the song "Without Love" by Tom Jones, which is a dramatic power ballad, and we rehearsed in our garage for weeks prior. As a choreographer, I had a distinct vision that I wanted to create with the lighting, and our amazing DJ brought it to life. As we took the dance floor, the string lights dimmed and we were cinematically lit just with spotlights and the disco ball. It felt like we were in a dream! Our ice cream truck, SLO Mama Sweets, was also a huge hit and a special end-of-night surprise for our guests!"

A Special Day Highlighting Historical San Luis Obispo Architecture

A Special Day Highlighting Historical San Luis Obispo Architecture

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