Step into the flawless wedding of Vanessa and Kevin with these gorgeous photos captured by San Luis Obispo wedding photographer Lovelace Photography. Located at San Luis Obispo wedding venue Higuera Ranch, the gloriously colorful corners of the venue made for an unforgettable look created by each of the lovely vendors. I had the opportunity to interview the bride about the day.

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Their Love Story

"Kevin and I met on tinder! We kissed a lot of frogs but we eventually found each other. We were dating for six years before he popped the question. We live in Long Beach, CA and are huge music nerds our community of friends and family is very reflective of that. All of our friends are so creative and came together to make the proposal happen and then the wedding. It was an all hands on deck experience and we felt so much love through the whole process."

The Inspiration

"Well we both love music, aren't super traditional, and love our friends and family. I think we wanted it to be about who not only we are but what our community of people are like which is fun, colorful, creative, and bold. I love to dance and music is so big to us so a retro disco vibe with a modern whimsical twist is the direction we went with. We also didn't want it to feel super formal so we DIY'd the streamers and added the disco balls for an elevated glitz that was still fun. I think we just wanted it to feel the way our personalities are."

Color Palette

"Honestly the only colors we knew we wanted going in were the pink and blush toned bridesmaids dresses but the colors we leaned towards were yellows, oranges, and pinks. As you can see the florals I let go of control. One of my bridesmaids is a florist and I gave her the freedom to create whatever she wanted and she understood the assignment. All the color was just incredibly breathtaking and blew me away. So I was very open with my color palette, didn't have a strict one I went with but definitely pink yellows and oranges."

The Details

"I was most excited about marrying my husband but second to that it was the dance party! My people know how to get down on the dance floor so making sure drinks were flowing and the dance floor was packed was what I looked forward to the most."

Memorable Moments

"One of the most memorable moments was dancing under the disco ball with all my friends and family. There was one point where I looked around and was like wow this is exactly how I pictured it. I just felt the love and everyone was so happy I didn't want it to end."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Do what you want, don't try to meet anyone's expectations other than your own. I truly feel like our wedding was so awesome because we stayed true to ourselves. At the end of the day your energy is going to guide the vibe of the day so make sure you are enjoying the process and have people around you that are going to be as happy for you as you are."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Budgeting! Weddings get expensive so having to set realistic expectations and cut corners or DIY when I could."

Pure Happiness at Higuera Ranch with Vanessa and Kevin

Pure Happiness at Higuera Ranch with Vanessa and Kevin

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