Looking for the top california wedding trends for 2018? Want to make your wedding stand out amongst the crowd? Well look no further. Carrie Traver, owner & wedding planner/designer of Southern Californias Pure Lavish Events gives us the low down.

"Are your Pinterest boards ready!? It's a new year with new ideas, and new wedding trends to be had! 2018 is getting us all excited! While most couples tend to stay on the more traditional and timeless route, there are a few 2018 trends that are sure to set your wedding apart from the rest! From floral decor, to food, to wedding attire, here's what this year has in store for the wedding world, and our own weddings & events that have already been trending!!!"

1. Color is back, but so is black!

Deep rich hues and bold statement colors are making a comeback!! The gorgeous deep greens, reds, and blues are popping up left and right and we APPROVE! On the other end of the spectrum there's those show stopping black accents! Black dresses, black flatware, glassware, decor, you name it! It's all about making a statement in 2018, so what better way than with some bold colors! 

Beautiful Wedding Table Design | The Wedding Standard

2. Geometric Shapes

Making their debut trend in 2017, they certainly haven't dulled anyones interest! It's eye catching, pretty, and different! Say goodbye to the cookie cutter shapes, and hello to hexagons, squares and all the fun formations that add pizazz to any wedding decor!

Lavish Centrepiece for Wedding table | The Wedding Standard

3. Dramatic Backdrops

A simple arch is always a gorgeous option, but why not step out of the box and try something unconventional?? Ceremony backdrops are all the rage and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. These are sure to wow your guests!

4. Food, food, food

Whether it's a food truck, late night snack, or stationed meals; these are causing quite the buzz!  Plated and Buffet is so last year!! Couples are wanting personalize and keep their guests engaged  by offering a variety of fun food options as their wedding day grub. Anything where food is a trend, we can get behind! 

5. Hanging table decor

So, you really want to make a floral statement? Try hanging centerpieces! Yes, you heard correct... HANGING! Might be a pretty penny, but oh are they worth it!! Stunning, sophisticated, and stylish! 

6. Macrame & Bohemian 

This is definitely the trend of the year!! It used to all be about the rustic trends, where barn weddings and cowgirl boots were all the rage, but now we're seeing a transition. New age Boho is the new rustic!  Macrame, a bohemian style staple piece is the decor item to beat in 2018! Expect to see ceremony backdrops, photo booths and even fun runners.  This trend is on the cutting-edge and we're digging it!!

7. Velvet

This trend was a 2017 staple, and made it's way back into 2018 with sass!! Velvet linens are another way to add comfort and something tactile, rather than just visual appeal. Velvet table linens, napkins, shoes, dresses add a sense of warmth and luxury to any wedding day.  It's the trend that keeps on trending!!

8. Florals & Fruit

Some may say this isn't a trend, but we do!! For our risk takers out there, fruit in your florals are becoming quite the head turner. Not only does it add another dimension to your arrangements but it's edible!! Talk about a win win!

9. Industrial Spaces

Outdoor weddings will always be the most popular venue of choice along with hotels and resorts but what about those hidden gem Industrial spaces?! They're becoming the happening wedding spots and what's not to like? Blank canvas, edgy, cutting edge, and just so stinkin' AWESOME! 2018, you're looking pretty hip!

10. Edgy Attire

Who doesn't love a good leather jacket?? I know we do! We absolutely love this trend. Of course your wedding dress is GORGEOUS, but for those fall and winter weddings it can get a bit brisk! Instead of going for your go-to shawl; why not try a trendy jacket?? And to add to the already existing cuteness, have a calligrapher write your new last name on the back!! I mean, talk about adorable!!! We'll take 10 of them!

11. Bold in Burgundy

Remember when blue suites were the "in" trend?? Not anymore! Burgundy is the new color for mens suits and we cannot love this more!! While we don't necessarily think the blue suit is having a final certain call, the deep hues and bold colors trend that we see in decor will now also be seen in wedding day attire. Burgundy is SO the new blue for 2018!

11 Wedding Trends in 2018

11 Wedding Trends in 2018

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