With a combination of talented San Luis Obispo wedding vendors, Kelly's dream wedding came to life. The Grace Maralyn Estate and Gardens, a chic Santa Margarita barn wedding venue, was the perfect space for her vintage outdoor wedding vision. The vintage furniture, Model T getaway car and fabulous design complemented with bright tones and florals of blush, sage champagne and light gray made for an afternoon that was something out of a vintage fairytale. We got a chance to speak with Kelly in retrospect of her special day.

Tell us your love story!

We met in high school, started dating junior year. Actually, we met in 6th grade but he used to pick on me for my red hair and pale skin. Well, you know what they say about boys that tease you? We ended up high school sweethearts. On our 10th anniversary, he took me to a gorgeous resort in Carmel, where we splashed in the pool and drank jalape�o margaritas (our favorite!). Then, on our way to dinner, the hostess led us through and passed the restaurant completely, led us down a flight of statues to an empty patio with a private table dripping with rose petals and twinkle lights. We hadn't shopped for a wedding ring, he always knew I wanted a Verragio, but we were just living in the moment of our beautiful day and I had no idea he was going to propose! He had the ring box in his sock, because I always pat his but when he walks and he knew I could feel it. Haha! So after some sparkling ros� and two yummy steaks, I started talking to him about how much he means to me, and how his family has become mine over the past ten years, and how his dad is a father figure to me. He replied that we are a family, and he could never imagine life without me. Then, he got down on one knee! I cried instantly, and I'm crying right now just thinking about that beautiful moment. The only thing that has topped that day was our wedding. I hope you enjoy the photos of our special day!

Tell us what inspired your wedding style and or theme.

I inherited all of my Grandma's bedroom furniture when she passed away. Beautiful, antique cream colored dressers, vanity, night stands and more. They're my favorite possessions and since then I've always loved antiques. My grandpa owned a Ford Model T, which has been in our family for many years now. My mom and dad had their wedding photos taken in the Model T in 1975 and those photos always hung in our hallway. I really wanted to recreate those photos and incorporate vintage furniture. With colors of blush, light sage, light grey and champagne my wonderful designer and San Luis Obispo Wedding Florist were able to recreate a soft, romantic and vintage theme out of a dream. It was perfect.

Describe 1 or 2 details that you were the most excited about.

The Model T, and my petal bar! I had this idea where I wanted a vintage table with several different heights of clear containers that held petals. That way, guests could take a personalized paper cone and choose which petals they wanted to toss in the air once we walked down the aisle together!

Tell us about  the  most memorable moments from your wedding day.

Our first dance was special to us. Brian hates dancing, so he actually found a very fitting song. He's a country music fan, I am not, so when he found the song and said it was country I was skeptical. He chose "I don't dance" by Lee Brice. The words of the song describe a man who hates dancing, but will dance anytime and do anything for her. I couldn't believe how romantic and perfect it was for us!

The second most memorable moment was to have our dog, Zoe, as a ring bearer for the wedding. I got Zoe when I was 15 years old, and she has been my baby for 14 years. She means the world to me. She's grey in the face now, and she can't hear anymore, but incorporating her into the wedding was a necessity for us both. She was pulled down the isle in a vintage radio flyer wagon by our other ring bearer, Gabe. I swear she thought it was her wedding! That diva I raised! She smiled the whole way down like a princess in a carriage. We all knew she could tell it was a special day.

Tell us which wedding artists knocked your wedding shoes off and why!

Samantha from Zest it Up, you're food is bomb, your staff is amazing, and I hope that I can hire you for literally every special occasion I have to come. Ali Miller from Sixpence Designs, made all of my wedding visions come to life. She's a miracle worker.

Nikki Caldwell from Fluidbloom, she incorporated all of the elements of the Half Moon Bay Coastside that I wanted in my greenery, such as the pompous grass and eucalyptus leaves, she made our wedding feel like home for me and all of the guests who attended. Last but not least, Tracey Costa, my life saver! I can't tell you how many times she jumped in to save the day. She's a blessing.

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

Definitely splurge on a wedding designer and a solid coordinator. You will want to enjoy your day and not worry about decorating or logistics. It's so worth it.

A few words from Kelly's lovely designer, a California wedding planner and designer Ali Miller of Sixpence Weddings.

How did you utilize your skills and experience to make your bride's vision come to life?

Kelly, like most brides, was on a budget. Her original wishlist and our first design board included drapery, lounges, lawn games, a lot of statement pieces and a list of vintage furniture. As you can imagine, this adds up! We slowly began to scale back as we tried to come up with a design that still incorporated all of her ideas and stayed within her budget.

By repurposing florals throughout the venue, incorporating small details, and keeping the overall design simple, we were able to do exactly that! We focused on creating more of a statement in areas that were meaningful to her (like the ceremony site, petal bar, and sweetheart table) and adding small details to fill in the rest of the spaces. I loved being able to capture her vision without compromising her budget. It turned out beautifully!

Were there any big challenges that you had to overcome on the wedding day that make for a good story?

The seating chart ended up being pretty heavy. I'm 5'2, pretty petite, and don't lift weights. Trying to hang the board on the tree branch was pretty challenging. Luckily, I had plenty of extra rope and made some creative knots to keep it secure. It took a team of 4-5 ppl to take it down at the end of the night, and Chanda from Zest It Up thought a Boy Scout did it. I guess my knots were maybe a little too creative! Haha!

Tell us about 1 or 2 memorable moments from the wedding day that stick out to you.

As the designer, I set up the venue early in the morning while Kelly was getting ready and taking pictures. I didn't get to see her until the end of the night when I came back to pick up some rentals and break down. We had Skyped several times and worked together for a year, but never met in person. She heard my voice while I was cleaning up and yelled "Ali?! Is that you?!" When I turned around, she ran across the lawn and gave me a big hug. Designing weddings is so much fun. But nothing beats that moment when you see a bride's face beaming at the end of the night. Favorite moment, for sure.

"Designing weddings is so much fun. But nothing beats that moment when you see a bride's face beaming at the end of the night."

A True Vintage Fairytale Wedding at The Grace Maralyn Estate

A True Vintage Fairytale Wedding at The Grace Maralyn Estate

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