While I grew up planning themed birthday parties for myself and setting up mud pie buffets in the backyard, it’s no surprise that my passion for bringing people together has only become a lifestyle. I love to watch the magic unfold as people gather around the table with good food, good drinks and great music. Just give me a reason to celebrate and I am there walking around making things pretty, or as I like to call it…"zesting.” I am inspired by nature, layered textures, travel and thrifting. I believe just as your outfit or home represents you, your event should be an extension of you as well- highly personalized! I love dreaming up all the details and fabulous design, but all in all I am about the memories and time spent celebrating life’s moment’s. Let’s celebrate together….

-Samantha Nason


Sam is great!

Brigitte Faulkner
MARRIED: September 26, 2020
VENUE: Paso Robles
Being in the industry for over 25 years, Samantha is a great go to person for planning and executing weddings and events. Thanks for always being so sweet, cheerful and professional.
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