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-->Bonnie and Beau tied the knot in a very unique and beautiful location. The Tiber Canyon Ranch, is an olive ranch on 50 acres of woodland nestled in the hills between the Pacific Ocean and the Edna Valley. The setting was perfect for their rustic romance theme. Make sure to read through the tons of DIY touches that this couples incorporated into their wedding for some truly inspired ideas! David Pascolla of David Pascolla Photography was there to wonderfully capture all the details of this wonderful day. Enjoy!

Girl Meets Boy...

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-->Beau and I met our freshman year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Throughout college, we became close friends as I watched his football games every Saturday. However, despite his infectious personality and great dance moves, we stayed "just friends" for many years. After 9 years of friendship, I finally realized what an amazing man was in front of me and we confessed our love for one another. A few years later we were planning our wedding.

Wedding Planning Inspiration...

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-->Since Cal Poly had become such a special place for us, with numerous memories of college, Beau and I decided to get married in San Luis Obipso. When we started thinking of our wedding, we both decided we wanted to make our wedding extremely personal. It was very important for us to have each of our guests know that they were there for a reason. Another main concern was cost. Since Beau and I were paying for much of the wedding ourselves, we really wanted to make sure we cut costs when possible. We were set in only spending a small percentage of our budget on our venue until we came across Tiber Canyon Ranch. Having grown up in Portola Valley, with lots of oak trees, Beau instantly felt like he was home when we arrived to the ranch. We loved the seclusion of the venue and how rustic the surroundings were. Although it was a little more than we wanted to spend, we could not turn it down.


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-->In order to make our wedding feel personal, and cut costs, our families helped with many aspects of our wedding. My mom, having been a home economics teacher, grew all of the succulent centerpieces. Using a friend's fence, my step dad constructed all of the planters for the centerpieces, cocktail tables and aisle. We loved the idea of using succulents for flowers, but decided to also use Billy Balls to add splashes of yellow to our palate. Beau and I really wanted to showcase a sweet happy love; so yellow was the perfect color. I also decided on black bridesmaids dresses in hopes that the girls could potentially wear their dresses again. We loved how the yellow and green popped against the black dresses and grey suits.

My mom also helped us cut costs by offering to make our cakes. Not only did she make round carrot cakes for the cake table, but she also made numerous sheet cakes with homemade cream cheese frosting to serve the guests. We cut the cake with an old Civil War sword that my great great grandfather had once used in battle. Our favors were burlap bags (also made by my mother) filled with Beau's mom's famous English toffee. It is unbelievably addicting.

To further personalize aspects of our wedding, we decided to make personal table seating cards for each couple. We dug out old photos of us and our guests and added personal messages to the back. We really wanted to make sure everyone knew how much we valued their friendship. In order to have our loved ones with us in spirit, we decided to showcase many of our grandparents and parent's weddings by framing their old wedding photos. I also wore my grandmother's broach on my bouquet, and a piece of my mom's wedding dress was sewn into my gown. Being a 7th grade teacher, my students also got to join us in the festivities by writing personal messages on small hearts that became a banner on the gift table.

RADDEST Wedding Vendors...

We loved having so many homemade and personal aspects to our wedding because it not only helped us cut costs, but our day also felt truly unique. In creating so many decorations ourselves, we got to have the wedding of our dreams. We were also incredibly lucky to have worked with our amazing photographer, David Pascolla, who truly captured every little detail that we included in our wedding. Not only was he amazing to work with, but the softness of the photos truly captured the sweet love that was shared that day.

Wedding Artists | Photography: David Pascolla Photography | Videography: Agape Films | Venue: Tiber Canyon Ranch | Catering: Mama's Meatball | Florist: Festive Designs | Bands/DJ: AMS Entertainment | Hair/Makeup: Rhyan Townsend

Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding by David Pascolla

Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding by David Pascolla

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