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Just Baked SLO was founded in 2010 by friends Annie Farrell and Meghan Hoetker. They had a simple vision of delighting students at Cal Poly with deliveries of fresh-baked cookies—their award-winning Flagship Chocolate Chip™ Cookie at the helm. Their menu offerings expanded to include additional cookie flavors, and eventually a full line of desserts and cakes for weddings and special events. Annie opened the doors to the Just Baked SLO Pastry Bar in Santa Margarita in 2014. In July of 2016, Just Baked SLO merged with She Makes Cakes, owned and operated by talented cake artist Libby Ryan, to form Just Baked Cake Studio & Bakery.

The Just Baked philosophy is simple: Every cake or dessert that leaves our kitchen should taste as good as it looks. This is why each item on our menu is baked from scratch to order in small batches - no doctored up box mixes in our pantry! Cake fillings are hand crafted from fresh fruits and high quality, responsibly sourced chocolate. Our custards, jams, and curds are made in-house, and we use a light, fluffy, Swiss meringue buttercream to add the finishing touches. We use pure cane sugar, real butter, and pure extracts, because you deserve the very best!