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All About Events owner Steven Her­ring leads his com­pany with pride, integrity and a whole lotta hard work! I toured his ware­house full of lovely wed­ding rentals and was amazed at his orga­ni­za­tion, clean­li­ness and team. Not many peo­ple see that side of the wed­ding; the before and after! Var­i­ous kinds of chairs were stacked, saran wrapped, and tow­er­ing on shelves. Glass­ware was orga­nized in crates of color coded cubi­cles. There was a small team of guys qui­etly and effi­ciently fill­ing a mov­ing truck with care and pre­ci­sion. Steven shared with me the work­flow that goes into pro­vid­ing gor­geous fur­ni­ture and dish-ware for hun­dreds of guests each week­end. He explained how it starts with the clean­ing and restor­ing process from the pre­vi­ous event. How the truck unloads in the mid­dle of the night or the next day some­times. How his dish­wash­ers inspect glasses for cracks so they can dis­card any­thing that might not hold up at the next din­ner. He would rather throw it away at his ware­house then have a guest find the flaw and have to worry about find­ing a replace­ment. Then there is the reor­ga­ni­za­tion and prepa­ra­tion for the next event. Not to men­tion the huge amount of work that goes into installing every­thing at the venue. All so that cou­ples can have a fab­u­lous feel­ing and look­ing event!  The best thing about Steven is his heart to serve peo­ple with love and joy.