Alexandra Wallace

Central Coast Wedding Photographer

[email protected]

After graduating high school, I spent a bit of time at the Brooks Institute to pursue a career as a film director. While the world of film will always be near and dear to my heart [an issue of Entertainment Weekly is always within my arm's reach!], I found I wasn't entirely happy with where my life was headed.

And so, here we are! I'm a full-time photographer, mainly specializing in fashion and fine art wedding photography. I have traveled up and down the West Coast, across the country, and even through Western Europe. I am well-versed in both digital and film photography, and like to think that my work walks a line between editorial and candid photography.

I love staying in new places with my boyfriend [and sneaking sips from his chai tea!], unwrapping brand new vinyl records, attempting new dessert recipes, and quoting Arrested Development. I was raised by a mother and father who are both professionally educated photographers, and I'm lucky enough to have boxes of photos that tell the story of my life this far - I'm here to help tell yours.